saturday, december 12

adali mentioned her in her dear santa letter, but given adali's recent obsession i thought she deserved a post of her own.  i'm talking about abby cadabby.  


if the only sesame street characters you remember growing up with were the likes of kermit, big bird, snuffy, oscar and cookie monster, you are not alone.  this little fairy wanna be was new to me as well.  abby cadabby is actually the newest character that joind the cast  back in 2006, amid a bit of controversy (think abby vs. dora cage match style).  abby is a 3 year-old fairy in training that speaks the language of dragonfly and likes to turn things into pumpkins.

and for whatever reason, adali is completely and utterly captivated by her.  every morning she runs into our room, grabs the remote to the tv, hands it to me and screaches "abby on!"  by the time i usually allow her to have the tv on it is time for sesame street where she anxiously awaits what fairy trouble abby will get herself into that day.  she sits, transfixed, paying attention to nothing else around her but the little bouncing puppet on tv.

 Abby collage

and if your peepers have been glued to the infamous street as much as adali's have recently, you have noticed a new, very cool, cgi-animated series called abby's flying fairy school.  it was designed by Peter De Seve, the same genius who designed Ice Age and Finding Nemo.    

 Abby still4 

this has launched adali's obsession into a whole new orbit.  she glides across the room with her pretend wand, turns circles on her tip toes and squeals with delight when abby, niblet (part gerbil, part unicorn…odd i know) and the other fairies and trolls fly their way to fairy school.  the only real issue thus far is that the series is only 8 minutes long.  as soon as it is over all i hear for the rest of the day is "where abby go?  where is she?"  so please dear sesame street bring on the marketing blitz…i need longer episodes, dvd's, coloring books, dolls and whatever else you can think of to help me go to sleep to something else in my head besides "where abby go?"  i know…selfish…sue me.   

and if you feel so inclined, check out this brief clip of abby's flying fairy school. but you are warned…acoording to adali…it's pretty addicting.

i suppose it's more than fitting that adali signs her posts love and fairy dust.  she must have known something all along that we didn't.

much love,

mama a

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