friday, december 18

we may be in a different house than we were last year when we decked the halls, and it may be what i like to call a "limbo house," but i am determined to make any house we are in as festive as possible during the holidays.  

we actually decorated way back before we left for atlanta the weekend before thanksgiving.  jastin was going to be on call and home alone over thanksgiving and i wanted him to at least be able to enjoy the house being decorated.  yes, yes of course i will accept your nomination for wife of the year.  who knows if he actually ever even turned the christmas tree on, but at least i didn't have to worry about getting the tree up once we got back.  

as you can see, adali was a our little helper.

  Trimming collage

 and then she had to sit back and pick at the flocking and miniature pine cones admire her work.


and of course she wanted to help with the ornaments, so, being the awesome parents we are, we let her.  i figured that if one or two ornaments were lost in the fun that it wasn't the end of the world.  and, much to my surprise, only one was broken…by jastin.  



adali loves the tree and all of the other extra decorations around the house this time of year, and other than her pink tree, i think her favorite is the bubble lights, which is fun because to this day i vividly remember the bubble lights on the white tree at my grandparents house…tacky tase good taste, just like her mama


  Joy collage-1

 even adali got some special decorations just for her room and bathroom (the tree in the middle of the collage cost me a grand total of $3.50 and sits perfectly on her bathroom counter.  i like to call that a steal!).

 Adali room collage

i have always loved to decorate the house for christmas.  i have fond memories of doing it with my family over the years and can't wait to carry on that tradition with our little family. 

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    I had a pink tree IN MY HAND at kohls the other night – then put it back…. stupid “I thought you were going to start saving money by not purchasing non-essentials” thoughts crept back in….. dang it! Maybe after christmas in the heat of getting bargains there will be one left and I can grab it!
    I would say a $3.50 tree is a GREAT steal! (did you get it at a garage sale?!?!) ;-)

    Love all your decorations – your house looks very festive and welcoming!

  2. Your house looks great, but my favorite part is the curl at the nape of Adali’s neck :)

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