tuesday, december 15

some may argue that it's not as much fun to have little ones this time of year when they don't understand the meaning behind everything.  i tend to think just the opposite.  adali certainly doesn't understand what christmas is all about.  she sees the nativity scene figurines as interesting characters that would be perfect perched atop her castle of wooden blocks.  and for all i know she thinks santa is just another funny looking muppet.   

at this age however, there is something incredibly magical about her innocence.  no expectations of gifts, no demands of cookies and holiday treats, no let downs on christmas morning.  rather it's sheer amazement by the simplest of things, like snowflakes or lights that sparkle all over the house. 

 Adali tree collage

she was in complete awe by our christmas tree that i couldn't resist when i stumbled on this small, pink tree to set up in her room.  something just her size to be filled with ornaments with special meaning.  she could walk around this tree and point out all of the fun ornaments on it for hours.  she loves to stare at it's twinkly lights as she falls asleep at night and i have to admit that i love to go in and turn it off so i can sneak one last peek at her as she fills her head with the magic of the season.

 Sleeping collage

so next time i see a little one and think they don't get what this time of year is all about, all i have to do is look into their eyes, it seems they might get it even more than we do.         

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Agreed! Love the pink tree – friend of mine did the same thing in her daughters room too – next year (if things go right) the girls will have a new bedroom – so thinknig I may have to pick up a pink tree for them to decorate. :-)

  2. Austin says:

    Your mom lets you touch your tree?? I need to have a talk with my mom. I don’t know about all that pink but I do love that sock monkey!

    Love, Austin

  3. sweeney says:

    addi has a pink tree too! (i’m a horrible blogger and have yet to blog about it…i’m getting flack from CA about it too…thanks for fueling the fire james…) the only differance about addi’s tree is that it’s not sitting in her room (i can only handle conner and ONE tree in the house, right now). so addi’s is sitting outside our front door – guarded by the nutcracker solider. and what’s really neat is that our neighbors (well, not techincally our neighbors but a couple friends throughout the building) said they were going to leave her presents, from santa, under her tree on x-mas. she’s going to flip out! :)


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