monday, december 21

last week mama and daddy took me to see the big guy himself…like, in living color santa claus (not the cartoon).  get this…he already knew my name!  he really did get my letter!  


they weren't kiddin' when they said he was big and jolly.  his "ho, ho, ho's" nearly knocked me off his lap.  but, i know how this whole circus works…you sit there, look pretty for a few minutes and he gives you a candy cane.  i think mama told you this already but i love me some candy so i sat as pretty as i could and was so excited to get my "canny cane."  

the place we went to was very fun.  after i saw santa we got to take a hayride through the forest of lights.  i have never seen anything like it.  they had the baby jesus in lights and cinderella in lights and santa's toy shop all glittering in the crisp winter night.   

 Lights collage

i even got to play in a real-life gingerbread house.

 Christmas lights-18

 Christmas lights-19

 Christmas lights-17

it was chilllly that night, but daddy kept me nice and warm.

 Christmas lights-25

 Christmas lights-8

and before we left mama let me run through the castle.

 Christmas lights-2

ahhhh, life is good i tell you…life. is. good.

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace

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  1. Aunt Zinzey says:

    Hey, it could be worse. She could be bawling her eyes out like most children her age!

  2. I’ve been “closet reading” your blog for a long time now. Love the pictures. And that Adali is a cutie and so articulate at such a young age. :) Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. Sara T says:

    Excellent pictures – looks like a very cool place! Love the look on Adali’s face while on Santa’s lap! Congrats to her for even making it on the big guys lap! :-)

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