wednesday, december 23

 Cookie collage

it's cookie season.  oh, you didn't know that there was an official season of cookies?  yep, there sure is and if you ever want to know when the season begins, all you have to do is look at my derriere.  it's the perfect indicator of when this fabulous season starts.

jastin and i have completely different taste when it comes to cookies.  he likes the soft and chewy kind, i prefer something with a bit more crunch.  so, one weekend i made him his soft and chewy sugar cookies so he wouldn't complain when i made my favorite cookies with a crunch.  i think their official name is spritz cookies but i always just call them cookie press cookies.

my mom made them with my grandmother.  my grandmother made them with my great grandmother. and my brother, sister and i grew up making them with my mom over the holiday's and i loved it.  unfortunately, i think this is becoming somewhat of a lost art and i think i know the reason why.  the cookie presses of today are…how do i say this….crap!  i made a batch of cookies around thanksgiving with a newer version, plastic cookie press and almost slit my wrists.  the cookie gun broke half way through and i wasn't about to let half of the dough go to waste so i was able to adapt and make it work to get the cookies made but it was so not the fun experience i remember having as a little girl.  

my mom has my great grandmother's cookie press so i called her to ask what brand it was.  i wanted one just like it!  she has a mirro which of course hasn't been in business for years so i resorted to ebay where i found the perfect "vintage" mirro cookie press just like grandmas.  i know this is cliche but they just don't make them like they used to.  not only is it drastically easier to use, it's beautifully made out of aluminum and copper.  i whipped out a batch last weekend in no time.  the cookies look just like i remember them as a little girl (mom, do they look the same to you?) and taste ohhhh so buttery and delicious…which, sadly, can be a problem when i'm the only one in this house eating them.

so, i must ask…does anyone else out there still make cookie press cookies?  if not, what is your favorite cookie to make during cookie season?

much love,

mama a                  

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  1. michelle says:

    my mom reads your blog and will attest to this…but we do spritz cookies too! and we use the old vintage cookie press. it sounds like your mom’s; handed down over the generations. and we also use vintage cookie cutters. my mom’s grandfather (my great great grandpa) made the cutters! you’re totally right though, they just don’t make them like they used to.

    and yes…i know the cookie season…i’m “feeling” it right now. thank god for new years resolutions (just wish i could stick with them…damn it!). and thank god cookie season is only once a year. oy-vey.

    merry cookie season!
    xoxo, us

    ps i can’t stand goey cookies, either. they make my belly hurt. i like ‘em with a little crunch. justin and i make a good team. he eats the goey middle of the cookie and i eat the crunchy crust. yum!

  2. Sara T says:

    Jamie – yes you need to enlist Adali’s help in the cookie making department – you don’t have near enough mess……
    Tonight my post will show you what your house will look like next year! :-)

    PS – I like some cookies soft and others cruchy – i am picky! :-)

  3. for a decorated sugar cookie, i definitely prefer something soft and chewy!

    but i love spritz cookies! we didn’t make these growing up but a friend of mine makes them every year, so i usually get to have a couple. i might have to find an old mirro cookie press and add this to the to-do list for next year!

  4. Jamie says:


    just a tip but search for a cookie press during the summer. you will be able to find a gem for next to nothing. i noticed that the price spikes up considerably around the holiday’s.


  5. Sonya says:

    I’m a soft and chewy sugar cookie kind of gal. The cookie press cookies look yummy and fun, though. So, I may have to take your advice and look for a cookie press on ebay next summer!

  6. Mandy says:

    Funny, we just made cookies yesterday and I experienced making Spritz cookies for my first time this holiday season…they are my husband’s absolute favorite cookie of all time. I ended up buying a Wilton press and it took a lot of messing around with it to finally get it to produce cookies that actually looked like a shape rather than a blob of dough! Although I do like them, my favorite lies with your husband…sugar cookies…my aunt’s recipe only. :)

    Happy Holidays & Cookie eating!

  7. Aunt Zinzey says:

    Oatmeal chocolate chip… duh!

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