sunday, december 20

you take a little bit of this…



and a lot of this…




and these.


and you slowly…



(*note – we did do this together although it doesn't seem so by the pictures)

get this.


ready for lots of feasts to be prepared.  and just in time…i think i'm ready for a break from cooking! 

 Kitchen collage

santa must have received adali's email and his helpers actually had a good time putting it together.  call us crazy, but we might make sure adali always asks for something that requires assembly. 

so, what did you do on your friday night? 

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sandy Flach says:

    Love the kitchen!!! That is so cute! Christmas is about being together. I love putting Christmas gifts together!

  2. Jenna Gensic says:

    That set makes me wish I had a girl! How cute!

  3. So cute! The gift and you liking the project!

    Matt and I nearly killed each other as newlyweds assembling a desk…it was rough. Yet, 10 years later, I’m sitting here typing at it! It’s a piece of crap now, but we still laugh about that night…

  4. Sara T says:

    Awesome kitchen set! Jason and I always have a good time putting things together – I get impatient and try to hurry it up and he laughs at me when I get confused and use the wrong screws or parts or whatever.

    Glad you had fun – and you didn’t have to point it out – i was pretty sure you were doing most of the work and that Jastin was just there to look pretty in the pictures! HAHA! JK!

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