tuesday, december 22

about a week and a half ago my mom sent me a nativity set that she had been collecting for me over the years.  i was excited because a) it is beautiful and b) adali had taken to one at my parents house over thanksgiving and i knew she would be excited to have one set up at our house.  when the box arrived we took all the pieces out together setting them up under the tree since i hadn't found a stable i liked yet.  once it was all set up she would point to all of the people asking who they were.  i know she is young but this was the perfect opportunity to tell her the story of jesus' birth.  sure, she loved all of the animals, but the baby jesus was her clear favorite.  shortly after we had everything set up she took baby jesus out of the manger and talked to him for some time.  i so wish i had a baby translator to tell me what that one-sided conversation entailed.  instead of placing him back with mary and joseph under the tree she insisted that he sleep in the tree…"shhh baby sleeping," she would say with her finger over her lips.

 Baby jesus collage

since that day, she has cared for baby jesus as if he were her own.  something i find very endearing.  i have captured the adventures of baby jesus over the past week and thought i would share.

here he is hanging out with adali's bath toys.

 Baby jesus-3

i found her, on this day, brushing his teeth.

 Baby jesus-5

hanging out with the farmer.

 Baby jesus-6  

 he must have been dirty and needed a bath…with bubbles of course.

 Baby jesus-4 

maybe he needed a manicure?  camel (which she oddly called a chicken when she first opened it) seems to be keeping a close eye on him though.  

 Baby jesus-9

chilling with lexi.

 Baby jesus-7

i was getting in the shower one day and found that baby jesus and some milk had decided to join me.

 Baby jesus-8

i'm sure baby jesus is happy we are leaving in a few days.  now maybe he can get some rest.  

if you want to read a "reason for the season" that will have you belting belly laughs, visit my friend sara right here.  it is simply too funny not to pass on.

much love,

mama a 

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  1. Janet says:

    So funny and adorable. Adali is great.

  2. Sara T says:

    I think you need to get back to the midwest fast if your chickens look that much like camels in GA! :-)

    (that cracked me up!)

    Thanks for making me famous!

    Merry Christmas!

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