wednesday, january 13

in no particular order:

1)  these nail polishes.  

  Nail collage

the one on the far left is my new fav.  it's called here today…aragon tomorrow and it's a divine dark green.  the one in the middle has been one of my favorites for some time; it's called lincoln park at midnight and is a dark purple. and for a go-to more formal color i always use the one on the right called mimosas for mr. and mrs.  all by opi.

2) my whip creamer by isi

it's the stainless steel work of art on the right of the refrigerator shelf…and it's just waiting for a cup of  hot chocolate.  this was given to us as a gift for our wedding from a dear friend that knew us better than we thought.  i was always that girl that would get hot chocolate from an establishment with skim milk just so i could get the fabulous homemade whip cream on top and now i don't have to worry about leaving the house to get it.  if you are ever out of gift ideas…ask for this.  i promise you won't be disappointed. 

3)  i think their official name is mukluk's.  but i think they should be called soppers.  a cross between socks and slippers.


4)  prescriptives lash envy mascara

it is my all-time favorite mascara.  i have major issues with getting eye infections from some unknown ingredient in mascara and this is one of the few i have found that has never irritated my eyes.  however, i am now on the hunt for a new favorite mascara as i learned a few months ago that prescriptives is shutting is doors at the end of the month.  any good suggestions?

5)  my fingerless gloves.

it was hard to take a picture of these to show them in all of their glory, but they go all the way up to the elbow.  fun!

6)  the television drama the good wife.   

this is one of the best written shows on tv right now and i have always thought juliana margulies was a great actress.  if you haven't checked it out, you must. 

7)  oh, and how could i forget this one…the 60+ degree weather we are expecting over the next week.

i thought about doing a list of my annoyances right now, but this was way more fun.  what is your absolute favorite thing right now?

much love,

mama a

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  1. Janet says:

    My Target dollar-spot pack of Lisa Frank stickers I bought on impulse. They take me back to my childhood and are making me happy today.

  2. Sara T says:

    What channel is the good wife on? for some reason I am thinking I remeber watching previews for it and thinking it was going to be a good one – then completely forgot to watch it.

    My favorite thing right now?!?!? Probably the portable dvd player that the girls got for Christmas from Grandma – that hooks up to the tv and acts like a dvd player – it allows me to watch my rented “The Office” seasons from the comfort and warmth of my very own bed after the girls are in bed for the night and I get an hour without interruption!

  3. Sandy Flach says:

    Ok if you get two comments from me…I put a comment but it didn’t save it – or at least it looked like it didn’t so here we go again :) ….So I was TOTALLY thinking about doing this exact same post lastnight! I still might!

    The nailpolishes – LOVE THEM!!!! Does OPI dry quickly – because I get very impatient when it comes to doing my nails?

    The fingerless gloves – LOVE THEM! I need a pair for work – It is FREEZING in there.

    The Good Wife – I’ve heard it is great! I’ve not seen it yet either….I should turn it on and take the time to do my nails :)

    The mascara – Where have you been the past few years that I’ve been dealing w/ my eye issues?!? I have the same thing – and mascara seems to make it worse. I call it my gimp eye – it’s mainly my right eye :) I would love to try Presciptives – but I don’t want to get hooked on something that is going away :( I have found one that works…I don’t necessary LOVE it but it works…I’ve only try the one in the green tube…so maybe one of the other ones works better…To me it just doesn’t make my lashes full enough. This is what I use link to and it TOTALLY makes me look like Christy Turlington :)

  4. Melissa says:

    I’m partial to the nail polish and the whip creamer. I’ve been keeping a mental list of some favorites to post, too! Oh, and I was looking for your Abby from Sesame Street post – we’ve just started Tivo-ing Sesame Street for Addie and she lit up when she saw Abby! She loves it when there are babies on there, too.

  5. Jamie says:


    I just sent some Lisa Frank stickers to my niece. fun!


    The good wife is on cbs at 10 et. check it out next week and if you like it catch up on hulu.


    OPI dries quickly but I always use a quick dry top coat to help the cause. Revlon has a good one you should check out. And the prescriptives mascara was the BEST ever…a bit on the expensive side but so worth the thick lashes AND being able to see all at the same time. I will have to try out your suggestion once my current tube runs out. thanks…oh and totally do your own favs post…would love to see your list.


    you will have to do a post on Addie’s thoughts on Sesame Street (after you interview her of course). Elmo loves the babies so he usually has lots on his segment.

    This was fun…thanks for your comments!


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