monday, january 11

i have to thank my husband for requesting such an awesome christmas gift.  he asked for a blu-ray player, which to me, wasn't all that surprising.  you see, he is an hd junkie.  we don't watch anything unless it is in hd and he has even been known to watch some really  dumb off-the-wall shows simply because they are in hd.  however, just to make things difficult he wanted one that streamed netflix.  ugh.  most of them i found allowed for internet connection but through an ethernet cable.  seriously it's 2010, who doesn't have wireless internet (this isn't meant to be answered)? so, after much research and deal hunting i found the ONLY one that exists with wireless internet capabilities and jackpot it was on sale (it went on sale AGAIN shortly after i bought it which allowed me to get a more than $40 price adjustment…even bigger jackpot).  

so, after some tinkering by the hubby himself and the most basic monthly subscription to netflix we now have access to thousands of movies just waiting for us to watch at the push of a button.  that's right folks, we never, ever have to leave our home to watch movies now (not even to walk to the mailbox).  as a matter of fact, when we scroll through the movies deciding on what to watch, i feel as if we are checked in to a ritzy hotel someplace warm and that i am scheduled for a massage right after the movie finishes…ok, i know i'm pushing it but it really is awesome.

so, this afternoon, after a morning of constant sniffles, sneezing and head pounding from a pretentious** head cold, i decided that when adali went down for her nap that steel magnolias would be the perfect remedy.  i had already gone online to netflix and added it to our instant queue, so there it was when i turned on the blu-ray player…just calling my name and saying, "play me, play me."  adali helped out as well by taking a longer than usual nap, but it was one of the most relaxing afternoons i have had in a long time.  so thank you, honey, for your christmas gift.  now if i could just figure out a way to squeeze that massage in too.

** my husband just questioned my use of pretentious and i had to explain to him that it is, indeed, the word i wanted because this darn thing thinks it is really important and insists on sticking around far longer than i had hoped.

oh, and they have a whole section on netflix streaming with children's movies.  i can see this coming in handy when nothing else seems to occupy adali and i need to jump in the shower or start dinner.  

on a sidenote…how great is steel magnolias?  i mean honestly, so many great actresses in the same movie about the lengths women will go to in order to have children and what mother's will ultimately sacrifice for their family.  i think it's one of the few movies you can laugh just as hard as you cry.

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sandy Flach says:

    We tried Netflix for a while…..But it was in a phase where we watched alot of movies….so we had seen all of the ‘New Releases’ on Netflix already. We joined to be able to watch some of the old movies that you can’t rent anymore – Police Acadamy, Jerry Lewis movies, etc…But we have since stopped our Netflix subscription. But it is MEGA cheap!

  2. Aunt Zinzey says:

    Interesting.. Steel Magnolias was on TV yesterday.. or today.. I can’t remember.

  3. Michelle Stokes says:

    Steel Magnolias is one of my all time favorite movies. I too just recently watched it while streaming it on netflix.

    I agree on the pretentious head cold…mine has out stayed its welcome as well.

  4. Sara T says:

    I LOVE Steel Magnolias – probably in my top 10 favorite movies of all time!!! But I don’t allow myself to watch it too often because I come away a bawling mess EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
    If I was a southern lady I think I would probably turn out like – “Ouiser”! Hard to believe I know! :-)

    Good job on a good gift for both of you.

  5. I love that movie…I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen it. For the better part of a school year in college, it was the movie my roommates and I would watch on Saturday mornings while we were all nursing hangovers!

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