friday, january 15


yesterday i was searching for a photo and ended up in the wrong folder.  instead of closing it out i decided to continue along for the sake of reminiscing.  

when i came to this photo i paused for quite some time.  

it captivated me by it's simplicity.  love.


and last night when i couldn't fall asleep the picture popped back in my head

along with words my mother spoke this time last year, 

"this time will pass and you will one day ache for the chance to rock your baby in your arms again."

she was right.  i miss it.  a lot.  


and then as if God was listening in on my thoughts (always welcome),

adali cried out in the middle of the night 

and i got to rock her.

again, simplicity.  love.

and as i rocked adali in the peaceful night, i couldn't help but shed a few tears and say a prayer for the women in haiti that will never have the opportunity to rock their babies again.  i feel helpless but will find solace in prayer and knowing that God is listening. 

much love,

mama a 

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  1. Melissa says:

    Jamie, such a sweet post. I, too, was thinking of the moms in Haiti this morning as I was watching the news and they were telling a story of the kids affected by this tragedy. The feelings of being so sad for them yet so thankful as a mom of a safe, healthy, happy girl tugged away as I watched.

    Everyone talks about how the time goes by so fast, and I realize that every day. I sometimes wonder if rocking her is spoiling her, but I realize that there will soon be a day when I won’t have the option, since she is sure to be running around soon. Reconciling those feelings of wanting them to progress and yet wanting them to stay our babies is a tough one! I guess it is all about the process, and all about realizing that at the heart of it, they will always be our babies.

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