thursday, january 28

i haven't been very good about giving a detailed update on how adali is progressing in this whole growing up process.  maybe it's because i don't want to have to think so hard about how much she is has grown up, and when i do, i tend to get a little lump in my throat.  but this morning at gymnastics many of the other mom's were commenting on just how much she has grown up since we started the class last summer.  so naturally that made me pause and realize how much she has gone from a baby to a little girl….a little girl that loves to wear high heels nonetheless.

 High heels collage

here is my brain purge of what she is doing, what she loves, what she hates and a little bit of everything in between.

**  we've already been over her vast vocabulary but here are a few of my favorite "adaliisms"

    ~ when she gives you something or when we are checking out at the store she says "thank you berry        much" with the perkiest voice ever.

    ~ as i put her in her crib every night she looks at me and says "night, night.  mama loves you."

    ~ she bosses lexi around all the time and her favorite thing to do now that she can open all of the        doors is let lexi out, wait for lexi to get pissed that she won't let her back in, open the door and        yell "come on eeeexxxiii."  "good girl."

    ~ she will ask where someone is all the time ("where daddy at?"), and when you answer her that        daddy is at work she promptly says, "nooooo, he's sleeping."

    ~ i always have to chuckle when she wants me to pick her up and she says, "hold you mama."

**  her absolute favorite thing to do is to build castles with her building blocks and take all of her little people characters and put them on various points of the castle.  she will come to me several times a day and say, "castles mama!"  i did this for her many, many months ago and she has been hooked every since.

**  she will come to you and let you know when she's hungry by saying breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time of day and for some reason snack time has gotten dubbed "raisins" whether she actually wants rasiins or not.  odd.

**  when i get ready in the morning she has to do every single thing i do.  when i comb my hair, she combs hers…when i put on makeup she gets hers and puts hers on too, when i put on lotion she needs some too, when i put on my shoes, she gets a pair of my shoes and walks around in them, when i put my rings or watch on she puts hers on.  she has been doing this for a very long time and needless to say, it makes a huge mess but i don't care but it is so darn funny to watch her take her routine so seriously.

 Shoes collage

**  she loves to pretend read.  

**  she still LOVES bath time and will stay in the tub until the water is freezing cold and her skin is all wrinkly.  

**  she gets really excited when you let her watch tv.  she l.o.v.e.s. pbs and one evening it wasn't coming in for some reason so i turned it to disney and she was not happy.  she kept bringing me the remote and demanding, "change channel mom."  "sid (sid the science kid), mom."

**  she can finally reach the ground on the car we got her last year for her first birthday but has not figured out how to steer.  you will randomly hear her calling out, "STUCK!" 


**  she will eat just about anything.  yes, she still gets cheeseburgers, nuggets and french fries quite often (for calories) and she can say the name of the place they come from crystal clear but she also eats very healthy foods as well.  she will eat cherry tomatoes whole right out of the carton, she wants to eat edamame with every meal, will eat any meat if it's cut up small enough, loves eggs, cheese, fruit, noodles, bread, avocado, and well, i think you get the point.  i am very thankful she is not picky! 

**  do you remember this:


well this spill was actually an accident but miss adali became very good at "dumping" snacks.  i don't know what fascination she gets from it but she wasn't caring that it upset me until i started to put her in timeout for doing it.  my mom would question whether she "got" timeout.  oh trust me, she gets what timeout is.  at first she would pretend it didn't bother her but now even the threat of going to timeout for "dumping" has taken care of the situation.  let's just hope it stays this way!  truthfully, this is the only way she acts out and the only reason she has ever been sent to timeout for.  i feel blessed. 

**  when she was about 18 months she always wanted to sit on the "potty" so we would put her on there before her bath and it was actually working for awhile.  and then, just as quickly as she was interested in it she was uninterested in it.  i still ask her if she wants to sit on the potty like a big girl before her bath and she will either flat out say,"no, no, no" or she will say yes and as soon as you put her on, she will say, "all done."  i am not pushing her into potty training but i am so ready to stop changing diapers.

that's about all i can think of right now but it's safe to say she will be doing a dozen new things next week and i can't wait!

adali, i love you so, so much and am so excited for the fabulous little girl you are turning into.

  High heels-4


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  1. michelle says:

    perfect! absolutely perfect! i love hearing abot how much she’s growing up. it’s so funny, becuase addison is 4 now and STILL to do this day when she wants you to hold her (which is usally when she’s very tired) she says “hold you mommy” or “hold you daddy” or “hold you gamaw”, etc…melts our heats every single time.

    and the whole “time-out” thing…yeah, enjoy it while you can. addi was the exact. same. way. she HARDLY ever got into trouble and when she did you could threaten with “time-out”. then 3 came. they say terrible 2s…HELL NO! it’s terrible 3s. ask anyone! and right around 3 1/2 “time-out” goes right out out the window :(

    happy to see you’re doing so well little lady. 1 1/2 months from now you’ll be TWO! amazing!


  2. Sandy Flach says:

    Ya…. I agree…I hate to tell you but it is Terrible 3s….You have awhile to relish in the goodness :) But MY has she grown!! She is such a cutie!

  3. Sara says:

    Agreed about the 3 thing…. just wait….. YIKES! Seems to me as we inch closer to 4 that I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel yet with the “tude.” but i am told that as they go from 4 to 5 some of the sassiness subsides…. I really hope they weren’t just blowing smoke up my ass!!!

    Great post – love the shoe pictures!!

  4. Natalie Carver says:

    My son Landen loves PBS too, but I’ve found a few low-key shows on Nick Jr. that he seems to really like as well. So next time PBS fails you, you might try Little Bear, Max and Ruby, or Olivia.

    Missed you over Christmas in Kansas, but looking forward to meeting you next time your back in Louisburg!

    Natalie (from the studio)

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