wednesday, january 20

i have done similar posts before where i answer questions that i get via comments or emails.  i have very good intentions of getting back to everyone but sometimes i don’t.  it’s not because i get so many i can’t keep up but more so because it’s usually a question i don’t want to face.  chicken?  maybe.  i don’t really know the reason why, but this is my way of answering them.  better than ignoring them forever i suppose.  

1)  now that you have been in georgia for awhile are you faring any better than you were here? thankfully, yes.  i still have my moments where i feel like i’m in a foreign country (people just do things differently in the south), but my attitude about our time here completed shifted shortly after this post. but let’s be honest, it’s a lot easier for me to say i’m faring much better knowing that in 5 months we will be moving.  which leads me to the most frequently asked question we are getting right now..  

2)  do you know where you are moving?  as i write this we do not know.  which, needless to say, has been a little stressful as of late.  i think i did a good job of not wishing the holiday’s away so that we could get on with the show but this process has been going on since late september and i am starting to get antsy.  hopefully in the next few weeks things will become a little less murky and we can start to get on with it.  hopefully.    

3)  even though you are in georgia will you be doing the march for babies again this year in st. louis?  yes.  i will be posting more about this in the near future but have gotten several questions since the first of the year so i just wanted to say that we will indeed be walking on saturday, april 24th in forest park and would love for anyone that can to join us.

4)  why don’t you have a blogger profile?  i think i actually have one but there is nothing written on the actual profile.  the reason is that our blog is through typepad not blogger so i have never really had a need for the profile.  am i out of the loop?  should i have one?  help.

5)  how much does adali weigh now?  i weighed her last week with her clothes on and the scale read 20 pounds 15ish ounces.  i can’t get an exact reading because the kid won’t stop moving long enough for the scale to lock in a number, but even though it was a weight with her clothes on, i am happy with that.  i knew she had been gaining weight and getting taller because her 12 month clothes were finally starting to fit.

6)  what did the eye doctor ever say about adali’s eye?  a few weeks after i wrote that adali’s eye seemed to be be more noticeably turning inward, it seemed to stop so we didn’t feel that it was necessary for her to be seen, however, we will run it by her pediatrician at her next well-check and see what he thinks.  

6)  does adali ever cry or act out?  I think you have only posted 1 or 2 pics on the blog of her crying.  your posts seem to be so upbeat and i was wondering if you paint a rosier picture of your life than what it is really like to have an almost 2 year old.  this came from an anonymous email before the holidays and i never responded because i wasn’t sure who was on the other end of the email. and truthfully, i wasn’t sure of their intentions.  i thought about it for awhile an decided i would address it this way.  in all honesty, adali is a very, very happy child.  she wakes up happy, plays well by herself and with others and is laid back about what happens in her world.  jastin and i have been reminded numerous times about how lucky we are to have such a happy-go-lucky little girl.  we think it’s god’s way of giving us a little break after the intensity of the first few months of her life.  

this blog began the day before adali was born by my mother-in-law and was continued by me when i was feeling well enough to take over and keep our family up-to-date on how adali was doing during her stay in the nicu and her journey home.  i never thought far enough ahead as to how long the blog would be around or how it might possibly evolve, but it’s around and it has evolved a bit.  i think now more than ever, i use the blog as a time capsule of sorts on how our life is at this particular time.  something fun to look back on for all of us and have a little window into what life was like.  from the time the blog was started and for the next few years our little family has and will continue to see a lot of change and it is only inevitable that some of those changes won’t be what we envisioned them to be.  if i am having a hard time with life at certain points, i have blogged about it as a journal of sorts, and to also turn to a community of people at my fingertips.  it’s nice to know, as a sahm, that i can go to my blog to get advice, for a pick-me-up or to simply vent.  so, to anonymous, i can tell you that i blog honestly and and from the heart about what is going in our lives and what might be going on in my head at that particular time.  i feel blessed that the majority of our days are rosy and that the hard times are few and far between.  besides, how awful would it be to continually visit someone’s blog and find them wallowing in self-pity and misery.  ick.

7)  has adali shown any signs of developmental delays up to this point?  no.  not that we can tell anyway.  we will know more at her 2 year well-check but she seems to both jastin and i to be doing remarkably well.  i have worked with her on her fine motor skills which have always somewhat lagged but never enough to be considered a delay and she is doing much better.  for awhile she seemed to have trouble figuring out how to run but has since been running all over.  preemies can have trouble with flexibility and she was a very stiff baby (per her physical and occupational therapists) but i think her “gymnastics” class has helped significantly to give her greater flexibility.  

her communication skills are what amaze jastin and i the most.  i think it’s pretty awesome to witness children learn how to communicate with the world around them and it is even more amazing when it is your own child.  adali LOVES to talk.  in fact, it’s hard to get her to be quiet sometimes.  jastin swears she can read but i think she is just very perceptive with what others are saying around her.  she says hundreds of words and has been putting 2 words together for several months now and has begun to speak in full sentences since the first of the year.  i have been trying to get some of this on video but have failed miserably thus far.  she can count to 3, will say 4 if you prompt her, skips 5 and 7 but if you are counting with her she will say 6, 8, 9 and 10.  she knows several shapes (star, heart, circle square) and likes you to help her write her name on a piece of paper.  to jastin, this means she is a genius.  such a proud papa he is.  

and for a bit of humor i thought i would share a few questions a cashier at a store adali and i frequent quite often (the bullseye store) asked me.  i would guess this young lady to be in her late teens or early twenty’s and every time adali and i would be in the store we would inevitably run in to her somewhere in the store.  she was soon acting like we were best buds solely there to see her.  we didn’t mind though, we had nothing better to do.  one morning we ended up in her check out lane…as she was scanning the items and without missing a beat she commented on my hair and asked if i minded giving her the name of the person who put in my extensions.  uhhhh. i guess in today’s society if your hair is past your shoulders it means it’s not your hair.  she was shocked that it was mine and from her reaction i kind of got the feeling she thought i was lying.      

the following week we again ended up in her lane.  it was a bit chilly out but nothing drastic.  she made the comment that we must not be from georgia since we weren’t bundled up more.  i confirmed that we had just recently moved to the area and she proceeded to ask where we were originally from.  my response was st. louis of course.  her response, “oh wow.  are you related to nelly?”

  Nelly collage

it must be the gold teeth and diamonds i drape around my neck that gave it away! 

much love,

mama a


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  1. Sara says:

    Wait – you’re not related to Nelly?? I swore I saw his picture in your parents house ….hmph. NOw I am not sure what to think….

    When you speak of extensions all i can think of is Kate (from Jon and Kate + 8 minus the Jon) her new style — I am not a fan of it…. wow.

    And Jastin may be right about Adali’s genius status… she would KICK Katie’s ass right now at toddler Jeopardy – as everything is YELLOW and everything is a circle….. and the only connection of words is to say NO then someone’s name! :-)
    Go Adali!!!

  2. Yeah, JH thinks most everything is green…he does know the name of other colors, but not which colors they actually GO with. Ugh.

    You really ought to investigate the Nelly thing further…have your mom dig out an old family tree or something. I’m pretty sure there’s a resemblance…

  3. michelle says:

    what? are’t all of STL people, Saint Lunatics???! come on dog. we’s all got a little Nelly in us. don’t we?

    funny that you post this b/c yayas is in town and just LAST NIGHT she was asking most of these very same questions about you guys and Adali…so thank you posting, and keeping me from him-hawing around the answers :)

    love seeing and hearing that Adali is growing up to be so smart and healthy. what a journey. what a jouney for sure.


    ps Addi started crying (well, almost crying…a mix of whining and crying) last night because she wasn’t sure when she’d see “Baby Adali” again. good to know that we’ll be seeing you in April for the March race…if we don’t see you sooner!

  4. Sandy Flach says:

    Gold teeth and diamonds – If it were me I’d be referencing how my abs look so much like his! LOL!

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