thursday, january 14

i would like to introduce you to a few people.

first up adali's cousin beale.    

 Beale collage

(these pictures were taken when beale was 15 months by his mom and jastin's sister, kia)

 beale was born a month before adali but sadly lives in kansas so adali doesn't get to see him all that much.  she certainly had a blast hanging out with all of her cousins over christmas but it was especially fun to see her relathonship with beale knowing that they are so close in age but so very far apart in size.  and when i say a big size difference, i mean it.  there is currently a 20 pound weight difference between the 2 of them…see…    


beale has the purest of intentions, but as you can see by this picture taken last summer he could dominate adali.  i'm sure you would agree adali is all girl and beale is certainly alll boy which makes for interesting interactions.  a pretend cooking session would quickly turn into a wwf session with beale wanting to pretend he had adali in a choke hold jumping off the top rope.  he must have made a pretty good impression on adali even if half the time he had her by the neck because she hasn't stopped talking about him since we left kansas.  therefore, i figured a formal introduction was necessary.


next up is someone i certainly consider a friend but had not met until just recently.  her name is jennifer and she is just as sweet in person as she is on the interweb.


jennifer has been following adali's journey from the beginning and has always left the sweetest comments on her progress and has given me some very sound advice in making it through the tougher times of jastin's residency as she is a physician herself in kansas city.  it was very nice to meet up with her during our holiday travels and thank her in person for her support.  and as you can see by the picture, adali certainly enjoyed meeting her as well.    

and my last introduction is to a friend of mine that went out of her way to help us give back to cardinal glennon and to families that are currently going through a similar journey as ours.  mary contacted me after reading about us wanting to donate preemie onesies to the nicu over the holidays and said she would like to add to our donation and that is exactly what she did.  

 Mary collage

(this is mary with her daughter kennedy rose and her son jonathon)

jastin and i (along with my sister) were able to drop our donation off with warm hearts knowing that people are willing to give to a cause that they may not have been personally effected by.  i am so grateful to mary and everyone else that has supported our wish to give back in one form or another. 

much love,

mama a       


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  1. Beale says hi and that he loves his cousin Adali. We miss you guys!

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