wednesday, january 6

what do you do when you are stuck on the tarmac because some lady WILL NOT get out of the bathroom despite repeated prompting from the captain and your dog is losing her mind under your seat?

this is what you do…

and what do you do when your 10:51pm flight is delayed because there are mechanical issues they are working on yet you see nobody actually working on your plane realizing you are being fed lines of bs prompting you to refuse to fall asleep until you are so tired you become unruly and MEAN?

this is what you do…

and what do you do when they say you are too big to fit in the overhead compartment?

this is what you do…

(you will notice she says "coke all gone" in this video…she would sneak around and find people soda's that were left on the floor and start to drink them.  nasty.  you will also hear her say jastin at the end.  cute.) 

and who do you call when it's after midnight and you realize you are one of the few people left in the atlanta airport and there appears to be no end in sight to this circus?

this is who you call.  sadly the gentleman on the other end of this antique phone didn't care that i wanted off of this crazy train.


and what do you do when you finally board a plane headed for home and the flight attendant turns out the lights?

actually, you'll have to ask my mom what you do…i fell asleep before finding out.


love and fairy dust,

adali grace  


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  1. She’s cute even if she’s tired and annoyed!

    So I have to ask…what was the holdup with the woman in the bathroom? How did they finally get her out of there?

  2. Maggie says:

    omg! look at all the blonde hair!

    Been thinking of you Anisdels a lot lately. Now that 2 yrs is approaching for both of our families and we have a marginal idea of how this parenting thing works – we are especially happy that you all are healthy and happy. MISS YOU!

    All love,
    The Pearsons

  3. Sara T says:

    That video where she is saying “JASTIN!” at the end – hilarious… sounds kind of like she maybe had heard that before! ;-)

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