dollhouses that is.  

we considered getting adali a dollhouse for her upcoming birthday and so i went on a little hunt shortly after christmas to see if i could find one i liked for a post-holiday discount.  man was i disappointed in what i found in an extensive search for a likable dollhouse.  blech.  cardboard, mdf, tacky wallpaper and uninspiring furniture.  that pretty much sums up what you'll find in the dollhouse department these days.  booo.  i wanted to find something like the work of art my sister and i had when we were growing up.  i don't have a picture of it but it was the most divine house constructed by my grandfather and decorated to the nines with the same textiles from our very own house.  everything from the flooring in the kitchen to the curtains in the bedrooms matched exactly what we had in our house.  it obviously made a huge impression on me because i can still remember so many of it's details 20+ years later.  i want the same thing for adali.

so after doing a general search for dollhouses i tried to do a bit more advanced search for "modern dollhouses."  and that is when i came across this beauty!


how amazing is this?!  when i saw the picture i got so excited.  this is the one i wanted.  and then…eghad…the company that manufactured it back in 2001 isn't around anymore.  it also has this amazing poolhouse add-on that was advertised but never went to production that is unbelievable.  it held water, had working pool lights and even had little pool furniture and characters designed to swim in the pool.  seriously what child wouldn't fall in love with this colorful masterpiece.

 Kaleidoscope collage

through further research, i found that you can still find this dollhouse every once in awhile on ebay or at auctions but you can expect to pay upwards of $2500.  no, no that's not a typo i put the correct number of zeros in the amount.  crazy, i know.  who said we're in a recession?  

dear adali, i love you and all but that money could go to a real roof over your head so you won't be getting the kaleidoscope doll house with pool pavilion.  i know, i know…don't cry.  i found this gem in my search as well…

 19070 dollhouse

it may have been produced before i was even born – circa 1970 (hello what is up with way cooler dollhouses back in the 50's 60's and 70's), and your father doesn't know it yet but we are going to try and build it for you.  sure, you may not get it until your 10th birthday rather than your 2nd but i promise it will be worth the wait.  

now excuse me, i need to go buy a carpentry for dummies book.

much love,

mama a

** all images courtesy of modern mini blog

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  1. Daddy A says:

    Oh man, this could be bad…

  2. Jennifer Bunton says:

    We also have looked for a dollhouse. In my opinion they are all crap these days. Then I looked into making one and it was going to cost us a fortune and a lot of our precious time. So, I decided that really how much would Addison care. I think probably it was more for me that I wanted to find the best one as she will just like playing with the little dolls no matter what the wallpaper looks like. I did like the ones at and the even have one called the Georgia Peach. Good Luck!

  3. Tiffany says:

    I agree that dollhouses are just not the same as they use to be. We got Kayla the Fisher Price Loving Care I think it is called. Yes it is plastic but I have to admit that it is fun and there is always something new you can add to it. I think I rearrange the furniture and play with it more than she does. Good luck if you try to build your own!

  4. Tiffany says:

    I was wrong it is called Loving Family by Fisher Price. I think I will go play with it now. I love having girl toys!!!

  5. Rebecca Bruggers says:

    It does kind of remind me of the Brady’s house. “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”

  6. I’ve never seen anything like that first house…amazing!

    I can’t wait to see how you and Jastin design and decorate a little doll house for Adali! I have to admit, as a mom of boys, I’m a little jealous.

  7. Dana says:

    I went through the same last year trying to find Ella a fun, colorful, well made dollhouse and ended up with this…link to

    We actually love it. All the furniture has a funky modern flare and is made of solid wood. She loves it.

  8. Natalie Carver says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Frantically searching for furnishings for soon-to-arrive boy #2, and came across this dollhouse link to on Thought of you (and it’s on sale for $99!). Not too shabby!

    Natalie (from the studio)

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