monday, january 25

this may sound like i've completely lost my marbles, but one of the hardest things for me to get accustomed to here in georgia has been the weather.  trust me when i say, i am loving the fact that i have only once had to put on a heavy coat and it's almost february.  but if you grew up in the midwest like both jastin and i did, you have to think it's a little odd putting up the christmas tree with the windows open or being able to go for a run in january in shorts and a tank top.

however, as much as i love it, it's starting to play games with my head.  i am a very sensory oriented person especially when it comes to smells, and everything around me, including the smell in the air is telling my brain that it is late march.  errrr,it sucks to realize that it's only, in fact, january.  again, trying not to wish away time, but i heart the spring…like a lot.  it's getting so bad that this morning when i went to let lexi out and the warm, moist air smacked me in the face, i caught myself in a panic about easter.  easter!  that's like 10 weeks away!  doh.  

i know, i know…all of my friends back in the midwest are pulling out their voodoo dolls right now wishing cold winds and ice storms my way and wondering why i can't just let it be and make happy with the mild winter's here, but the specks of warmth make me crave budding trees, tulips poking through the ground and late evening sunsets.  move over winter and give me spring…all. of. it!

adali doesn't necessarily share my feelings, but then again she doesn't know any better.  she wants to be outside at any given opportunity…tulips or not, warm or cold, green grass or brown.  these were taken last monday on a balmy 70 degree day when she got to show her daddy all of her moves at the park…like the one where she steals a soccer ball right out from underneath an unsuspecting little boy.  he must have been fooled by her petite stature and cute curls.  what he didn't know is that she is a ninja by night.    







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  1. Melissa says:

    I feel it, too! Poor us ;)

  2. Sara T says:

    After dragging my behind out of my warm bed and out into the 17 degree temps to get to work this morning…. i am having just a smidge of a problem feeling sorry for you and your nice weather!! :-)

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