monday, january 4

we survived multiple flights to kansas with the little one and the dog, a christmas blizzard that cancelled church and kept us in the house for several days, a 6 hour drive to illinois and a child so high on sugar from holiday treats that she didn't know her own name…all for the sake of being with those we love for the holidays.

here are a few of my favorite moments of the antisdel's holiday extravaganza 2009…

1)  adali waking up from her nap and realizing something was different…santa had been here.


2)  watching jastin get so excited to spend so much time with adali over the holidays.


3)  hearing adali say "ahhh, thank you berry much" after she opened each of her gifts.


4)  the smile on her face when we opened the doors to her playroom and she say her new kitchen.


5)  hearing adali tell her dolls "night night babies, mama loves you" when she tucked them in to their new crib, just like i tell her every single night when i tuck her in.


6)  watching adali pose with her christmas jammies on so everyone saw the reindeers on her feet.

 Jammies collage

7)  seeing adali get a kick out of taking a tubby while she looked out the window at the snow on christmas morning.

 Xmas bath collage

8)  hearing adali's cousins beeeeeg to go out in the 10 degree,windy as heck weather just to play in the snow knowing that adali will some day be the exact same way.


9)  watching adali eat fist-fulls of m&m's and then running circles around the house until i thought she would puke.


10)  and last but not least, one of my favorite memories from the longest holidays ever….watching adali strut her stuff with her new cowboy boots on.

 Boots collage
(when she first got them, she couldn't figure out how to walk in them because of the heel…now, she's a boot stompin' pro!) 


 so, today we will fly back to the south and try and resume some sort of normalcy.  we are happy to jumpstart 2010 but sad to leave great family back in the midwest.  thank you to everyone who made our longest holidays ever so memorable.  oh, and adali would definitely want to thank you for spoiling her completely rotten!  i think it might cost us half of her college fund just to ship all of her stuff back to georgia.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Sounds like a fun trip!

  2. Kristin says:

    two thumbs up for this year’s christmas pjs!?!?! love the reindeers.

    happy 2010 – sounds like Christmas 2009 was a epic success.

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