tuesday, january 12

…if this happened to you…


 seriously what is up with this child's hair!  it seems, lately, that it has a mind of it's own.  i snapped this gem last week shortly after miss thang woke up from her nap.  as you can tell she was none too pleased when she spotted herself in the mirror.  i promise i did not touch it, tease it or use any product on it.  it managed this all on it's own.  and it seems this is par for the course over the past few weeks.  yes, her hair is growing…slooooowly groooowing, on top at least.  i think the length of her hair on the sides of her head is the exact same as it was this time last year…seriously.  so to describe what her current do is would be somewhere in between a mohawk and a mullet.  most people would have to try really hard to achieve such a do but not miss adali…simply effortless.  it also can't decide if it wants to be curly or straight.  some days her head is a ball full of small bouncy curls…on others it looks like i took a flat iron to it.

some mornings we try and get creative.  she'll wake up and say "mama let's do a pony with my rat tail curl in the back!"  and i say "sure darling let me find a clip."

 Hair collage

and then there are days where it seems not even the prettiest of clips will tame the wild beast.  on those days adali gets really creative…


 "by george i think i've got it,mama!"

"oh, honey, it looks perfect!" 

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    HA! Love it – Katie is in the same boat Adali…. we can’t even get a pony in her hair…. not enough there…. I hope both you girls have long flowing locks by time you get old enough to attend your high school homecoming dances!

  2. Jamie says:

    sara, high school may be pushing it…i’m hoping for college graduation!

  3. Liv C. says:

    Too Cute! Teagan’s hair is exactly the same. It started as a cute little pixi, and now she has this rat tail curl in the back. I am terrified to cut it, for fear that it will never grow back! That curl seems to be the only part of her hair that is making any progress length wise.

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