Super bowl-77

friday, february 26   it is 11:47 pm and thus still ok to post photo friday … we went to the zoo today.  it was windy and cold. i really love adali in this cute hat  but i want to put it away. i want spring did i mention the trees have buds on them [ Continue Reading ... ]


    today is february 24.  718 days since my daughter was born.  716 days since i held her for the first time.  714 days since adali was extubated.  663 days since i brought my sweet baby home.  353 days since adali turned 1.  284 days since she started walking.  718 days since i met [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, february 24 this past weekend was one of my favorites since we have been in georgia.  the weather was absolutely gorgeous and on saturday we took a little trip to a place called hilltop stables, located on the military base here.  our goal; ride the ponies….make memories.  i think you would agree we were [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, february 19    … "it's dark in here mama" …


wednesday, february 17 last friday i joked about the impending snow the weather forecasters were calling for.  i was more than sarcastic with my words because i honestly thought that they were making more out of it than what we would ever see.  for our area they were calling for about 1-3 inches and having [ Continue Reading ... ]

Cupcake collage2

monday, february 15 i think this was the highlight of adali's love day.      finally getting to eat the cupcakes she helped me bake.      yummy we hope your love day was as sweet as ours. hugs, mama a