friday, february 12

holy cow.  is it really friday already?  has it honestly been a week since i posted?  i woke up yesterday thinking it was monday.  it must be brain freeze from the frigid temperatures here in the south.  we are expected to get wintery weather in the next few hours and it has turned this town into a circus.  forecasters are calling for anything from 1/2 an inch to 4 inches.  the winter weather warning has been scrolling across the tv since 5 pm yesterday and the precipitation isn't expected to start until about 5 pm this evening.  many schools were off today for a holiday but if they were scheduled for classes most cancelled because of that silly 4 letter word called snow.  it's funny to sit back and see the excitement caused by even the threat of a flake but in all fairness this city has not seen any accumulation of the white and fluffy since 1973.  seriously, 1973…that's before i was born!  they also have no salt or plows to help keep the roads clear and very few people have true 4 wheel drive vehicles so it's understandable that 4 inches of snow is a much bigger deal here than in the midwest.  

to bring a little sunshine to an otherwise dreary day, i thought i would post a few pictures of our time further south last week.  the highlight for both of us was getting the opportunity to play some golf.  it was a beautiful sun-filled day but was so windy your ball would often times fall off the tee before you ever hit the ball.  wind and all, we still had a great time.




 Caddy collage
this was our caddy.  it was my first time ever having a caddy and i have to say, i could get used to that.  



do you see that??  that my friends is an alligator!  i was thankful for a body of water in between us!

this was one of 2 gators we saw during our round and our caddy informed us that there are a family of deer and a mama jaguar and her cub that live on the course as well.  

jastin whacking the ball.

me, trying to outdrive him.  i might be a little competitive.  i did win the longest drive contest for the women…who cares if there were only 3 women in the entire tournament.  



i was frozen by this point and my face was wind burnt for several days following this, but it was so worth it.  

if you don't play golf, you should consider picking it up.  there's nothing like making a great shot surrounded by the most beautiful scenery…even if it's so windy you can hardly lift your head. 

i will be back to full on blogging next week but for now i'm going to look out the window and enjoy the flakes that have started to fall.    

much love,

mama a        

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