tuesday, february 2

this weekend adali went down for her nap looking like this…

 Shirt collage2
(excuse the pouts.  someone had the post-nap blues)

and she woke up looking like this…

 Shirt collage

the question remains of when during the nap process she thought to do this.  did she sleep 3 hours like this?  or was she hot after she woke up and decided she needed a bit more breeze?  i guess it's one of those things better left unsolved.  


mama a

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  1. heehee…i’m going to guess that she did this before falling asleep…my boys always do stuff like this before a nap or bedtime when they’re trying to just calm down for sleeping.

  2. Jamie says:

    How funny! The first time Evie Paige wore two-piece pajamas (not a sleeper)…she woke-up at one pont through the night, I made a bottle and reached down to cover her up. What did I discover……..she had taken her pants off! Who knows what they do while sleeping???

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