wednesday, february 17

last friday i joked about the impending snow the weather forecasters were calling for.  i was more than sarcastic with my words because i honestly thought that they were making more out of it than what we would ever see.  for our area they were calling for about 1-3 inches and having lived in the midwest for many winters i have learned that 1-3 inches really means there might be enough to turn the roof of your car white when all is said and done.  uhhh, i guess the joke was on me.

before i even hit publish on that post last friday the flakes had started to fall.  huge, white, puffy flakes that in no time started to turn everything into a winter wonderland.


 sure, i prefer balmier temperatures and i haven't been shy in my want for spring to arrive, but it was a really nice treat to watch it come down.  there is something about snow that makes everything beautiful and serene.  i was excited for adali as well.  unlike the snow we experienced over christmas in kansas, it was the perfect temperature to actually be outside and enjoy it.  having watched frosty the snowman 6,432 times since thanksgiving she "gets" what snow is about and was excited to be out in it.  








jastin and i actually had dinner plans that evening to celebrate and early valentines day.  it has been a rarity that we get to enjoy dinner by ourselves and my mom was leaving town the next day so i was not about to let a little snow get in the way of a rare night out.  plus, i love getting out and seeing the city blanketed in white so we went on with our scheduled plans.  it was pretty evident 1/4 mile from the house that the city clearly doesn't have the infrastructure to handle snow of any amount.  but, we forged on anyhow and made it to the restaurant…only to be told they were closing!  seriously?!?  there was probably 2 inches of snow on the ground at this point.  i.was.bummed.  they made up for it by giving us $20 in gift cards for our inconvenience and we moseyed across the street to a steakhouse…have i ever mentioned i don't eat steak?  honestly, at that point, i didn't mind.  i just wanted a cozy place (that was open) to have a quiet conversation.  we ended up having a great dinner next to a cozy little fire.  a success.  

after dinner it became even more evident that they city's infrastructure was not meant for snow at all.  case and point, the stop lights here hang over the intersections on cables which means that when any additional weight lands on the cables they come down.  i posted this twitpic on our way home of one intersections where the stoplights were even with our headlights.  everything  we saw added to the child-like excitement only snow can bring to 2 thirty year olds that don't get out much.  this meant a few impromptu snow ball fights on the way home…



we even stopped and loaded up the car with a bunch of snow balls to mess with some high schools boys who were trying to snowboard down a hill in our neighborhood.  i told you…we don't get out much.  

the snow was so pretty.  i could have sat next to the window and watched it come down all night.  this was the last picture i took before snuggling into bed, excited to see what morning would bring.


morning came and the land of marshmallow fluff was even more beautiful.  i woke up early and went out to snap a few pictures before the sun came out. i knew the warmth would take away the beauty as quickly as it came.





when adali woke up she was raring to go.  she went straight for her boots and ordered a snowman to be erected.    

 Snow collage

if you remember, adali has a small big obsession with frosty.  i am convinced she thought this was the real deal.





adali even convinced nana to get in on the fun…


we had some fun dressing frosty up which made adali think he was going to come to life and pick her up at any moment.      


jastin knew that adali would be sad to leave frosty when we went inside so he made her a little snowman and let her play with it on a plate and this is what she decided to do…


the great thing about snow in the south is that it doesn't last long.  by that night most of it had melted.  no dragging it out, no salty slush for weeks, no gritty, sandy muck on your car…just one and done.  but i do have to say, this was the prettiest, fluffiest now i have ever seen.  and because i don't want to forget just how much fun we had, here are a few more pictures.




seriously, i could look out at this all day long…


… as long as it melts the same day.  

marshmallow fluff hugs,

mama a    

oh and i have to share that later that night adali came with me to let lexi out and she saw that frosty was becoming a puddle and just like the movie, she cried big, sad crocodile tears.  i had to reassure her that frosty would be back again next year.  



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  1. Jennifer Teegarden says:


    I love all of your photos! By the way, I think I have your same blue coat. Did you purchase it at Banana Republic a few years ago? Glad you all enjoyed the snow!


  2. Jamie says:

    Jennifer, I did get it at BR! It is my favorite coat ever.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Your snow looks so pretty. We keep getting dumped on here and it never melts in my yard. I am so ready for spring! Adali looks so cute and happy in the pictures.

  4. Sara T says:

    awesome pictures – looks like tons of fun!!!

  5. michelle says:

    the pics are lovely. your snow was way prettier than ours. and how nice was nana for bringing you the snow from the midwest :)

  6. Traci Chojnicki says:

    What a sweet post Jamie. It looks like you guys had a great day!!

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