today is february 24.  718 days since my daughter was born.  716 days since i held her for the first time.  714 days since adali was extubated.  663 days since i brought my sweet baby home.  353 days since adali turned 1.  284 days since she started walking. 

718 days since i met prematurity face to face (and learned a new sense of ultimate love and undying hate at the very same time).  718 days since i made a vow to do my part in ending prematurity.  306 days since we took part in the first march for babies.  and only 60 days until we do it again!…but who's counting?

on saturday, april 24th at 9am in forest park we will once again do our part to help save millions of babies lives.  millions.  from the response i have already gotten, i am confident we will have even more people walking with us this year than last.  have i said how much i love my family and friends?  the greatest! 

i know many, many of you (some we have never even met) helped us surpass our goal and become one of the top 10 fundraising groups in missouri last year.  and sadly i need your help again. there are still too many parents that know the everyday struggles of prematurity.  parents like faye and josh that still have to wake up every morning alone in their bed with no baby by their side to cuddle, nervous to walk into a hospital every morning wondering how their baby, tess emelie faired the night before.  tess was recently born at the same hospital adali was born at, weighing 1 pound 5 ounces at 24 weeks gestation.  24 weeks.  the brink of viability.  an entire month before adali was born.  and just like adali the reason she has a chance is because of the amazing work the march of dimes has done with money raised from determined people long before us.  so just think what we can do for babies born long after adali and tess if we keep fighting…this is why i need your help.     

it's easy to ask for help the first time.  you know people were touched by your journey and are willing to help your cause.  but asking for help again is difficult.  it's kind of like asking your friends and family to help you move for the second time in 12 months.  but i warned you, i will not give up.  i will continue to do what i can for the babies.  they need a chance.  

so, i have that trusty little button on the side of the page again.  if you click on it, it will take you to my personal march for babies page where you can donate as well as sign up to walk with team adali's angels.  if you have any questions about the saint louis march for babies, trouble donating or signing up to walk with us you can email me at jamieantisdel at hotmail dot com.  

faye and josh, know that we are all praying for your strength during this journey.  know that we are praying for tess; that she fights and grows and turns into a fabulous little girl.  this year we will walk for adali…and for tess.

much love, 

mama a   

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  1. Melissa says:

    So bummed I won’t be in St. Louis to walk with you guys. So glad you guys will be doing it again this year, with no doubt even more support!

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