thursday, february 3


yesterday jastin and i spent 5 1/2 hours in the car together which means my butt and legs were so sore after sitting that long that i walked like i had just had a baby for the next 12 hours (seriously why did my body decide to revolt getting old all of a sudden).  and it also meant lot's of time to talk about mindless stuff like;

the fact that when i rode the bus, you knew what bus you were on by the picture on the side of the bus and he, on the other hand, had to memorize the number on the side of the bus.  seriously, i thought all kids had pictures on the side of their bus…is this not true? - updated – i had to ride the bus home from school every day and rode the bear, triangle and donald duck during my bus riding career.  i also was explaining to jastin that no buses picked up at the high school so if you needed to ride the bus home you had to walk to the grade school to catch it.  i told him there were only a few kids that really ever walked down to the grade school and he said, "how awful and embarrassing for those kids."  "uhhh, i was one of those poor kids, thank you very much."  you should have seen the look on his face.  it was as if he was looking at the puppy in the pound that nobody would adopt.  it's ok, i survived.  i hated it, but i survived.  

we argued what defined a pond vs. a lake.  he kept calling little ponds lakes and i kept correcting him and it lead to the question of when does a pond become a lake.  my answer was…if you can see the beginning and the end of the body of water it is a pond, if not, it's a lake.  agree or disagree?  

we fought over the radio and talked about our favorite music right now…my new favorite song is "imma be" by the black eyes peas….anyone else like this song?

we talked about kitchens, specifically, if stainless steel appliances will ever go out of style.  thoughts?  do you think they are already on their way out or do you think they are timeless and will be around forever?

we also talked about some really big decisions we will have to soon make but i preferred the mindless conversations more.  we will be back in the car this afternoon for another 2 hour drive so if you have any more good but pointless conversation topics let me know.  

i do know one thing we will be discussing…why it is that when we are at home he ALWAYS remembers to put the toilet seat down after using it, but the second we get on foreign soil he can't seem to manage it…which, of course, meant me falling into the toilet this morning.  something tells me he won't appreciate this conversation as much as me.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Talk about what Jason and I should do in st louis this weekend! :-) I think we are going to go ice skating at forest park – of course Jason is not thrilled about this – like i am… but he will get over it.
    and to answer you questions – yes all buses have pictures on the side – i was on the bear bus (probalby same as you for some years), Jastin must have just missed the picture and instead decided to memorize the number.
    Agree with you about lakes/ponds.
    Never heard the song you are referring too
    Stainless…. I am not sure on that – that is something Jason and I can talk about in our snowy drive tomorrow!
    Have fun on your bycation!!!

  2. Chrystal says:

    Buses with pictures?? What? And we’re even from the same state! In kindergarten they pinned a 4×6 card to your coat that listed your name, address and bus number. After that, you were on your own…. Thank goodness my mom didn’t make me ride! My Dad still claims that’s where they went wrong!

    I agree with your theory on ponds vs. lakes, but I’ll add that I think most lakes(around here, anyway)are man-made. Maybe you guys can figure out how fish get into ponds??? Do they just fall out of the sky???

  3. Erin Geary says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE “Imma Be” (as you saw from our video!). It’s impossible to sit still and listen to that song! I rode a bus with numbers…never heard of the picture thing! Our bus driver was named “Mr. Bill,” smoked Marlboro reds, and used to scream “Hush up or I’ma put y’all on silence!” I’m pretty sure he probably drank, too. Gotta love Georgia! Let me know your decision on the stainless kitchens…I need to be fashionable, even though you know I only use my kitchen for the microwave. For discussions, talk about what you’ll do in 4 1//2 months when this hell called surgical specialty training is over! I know I’m already planning for my “reward” :-)

  4. I’m with you on the pond definition.

    Stainless, I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s going to look dated like avocado green and harvest gold, but I’m not sure about it being “classic.” Our new house has SS appliances (though a black dishwasher…weird) but I wouldn’t have spent extra for them. They’re pretty, but I’m going to be cleaning off smudges constantly!

    The bus pictures thing cracks me up! I totally thought of this when Luke started riding the bus this year…I was like, “WHAT?? No pictures?”

    So far, he’s always taken the right bus home…

    Enjoy your time in the car. I’m assuming you’re kidless, which means actual time to talk to each other?

  5. Aunt Zinzey says:

    Would you like to know the order that the buses show up? I am on bus duty this week and could fill you in.

  6. Angie B says:

    I rode the Angel bus (thought the bus picture was a short version of your name) wouldnt get off until after 430 and i lived what….2 miles from school once i got off the bus would have to go to the “babysitter” when i could see my mom in our yard – clearly home….still traumatized

    you and jastin can “write” a superbowl commercial or talk about previous ones – include me if it is going to make millions

  7. Jenny says:

    Since I rode the same bus as Jastin, I too had a numbered, not adorned bus. Luckily, the buses were always parked in the same order in front of the school so it wasn’t really rocket science to find the right one. Shame on you Jastin! Being a “country boy” and all and not knowing the difference between a pond and a lake? By the way Chrystal, ponds are stocked by farmers. You go to the co-op on “fish day” and buy what you want. They send them home with you in a 5 gallon bucket and you dump them in your POND on arriving home. The bonus is getting to feed them (fish food if you have $$, dog food more likely) As far as appliances go, we have stainless but I covet Rachel Ray’s TV kitchen with her colorful vintage appliances!

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