tuesday, march 30 this should be a picture of our dream house, but….   …we haven't found it yet so a picture of our dream child will have to do.   house hunt part II went better than house hunt part I but still not well enough to say we found a house that is [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, march 29 well, we are back in the south.  we flew back yesterday and after this last trip, i think it's safe to say that adali has the whole travel thing down pretty well.  the catch about where we live is that no matter where you are flying to there are no direct flights…zero, [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, march 25 as i posted earlier this week, jastin and i went house hunting in st. louis on tuesday.  luckily we had a beautiful day to be out and about.       i think i can sum up the day by stating that our biggest purchase was a few packages of pop rocks for [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, march 22 last wednesday night mama and i hopped a plane bound for illinois to spend some (non-sick) time with family and friends.  as usual, our first flight was delayed which caused us to miss our connection. mama was not happy, but i didn't care…i got to say up way past my bed time [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, march 17   i don't think it gets any more official than this.  ready or not, here we come (almost).


monday, march 15     dear lady in the easter candy aisle, yes you.  the one who said "how old is she and she already knows what candy is" as you walked past us and shook your head and rolled your eyes when adali exclaimed "candy, candy, " over and over again.  when i said [ Continue Reading ... ]