thursday, march 25

as i posted earlier this week, jastin and i went house hunting in st. louis on tuesday.  luckily we had a beautiful day to be out and about. 


 i think i can sum up the day by stating that our biggest purchase was a few packages of pop rocks for adali's easter basket.  jastin's reaction to my purchase, "you got her pop rocks…that is going to blow her little mind!"  i can't wait.  

back to the task at hand, we viewed 17 houses.  granted, there were a few we never made it past the driveway because they were either next to train tracks or nothing close to the description in the online listing…i now hate the word "charmer."  if you are a real estate agent and are tasked with writing the description for a house to be placed on the mls PLEASE do not use that word.  it's the equivalent of telling your fraternity brother that your date was "nice."  which really means she was ugly and you won't be calling her for a second date.  

this is what we found when we walked in to a few of the "charmers;" a large dog that ruined every stainless steel appliance in the kitchen by scratching it, food (onions, strawberries and eggs among other items) left on the kitchen counter (i am not sure this homeowner even new there was a showing that day by the looks of the house and if they did and still decided not to clean up their dirty clothes off the floor they will never sell it) and a house with 2 small yappy dogs that were left in a cage while the owner vacationed in hilton head…one of the dogs escaped and left nice little "treats" all over the white carpet especially for our showing.  jastin took about 5 steps into one of the houses declared it a dump and said he was out of there.  

here are a few other things we stumbled upon…


are they slippers?  are the dusters?  no, they are slipper dusters!  i wonder if this homeowner would frantically race to her slippers when she got the call of an impending showing to really make her floors shine.

and we saw these which really scared me…


i guess everyone needs a scary raggady ann and andy for their mantle.  

and by the looks of this photo, you might think we decided to make a quick stop at the botanical garden…


nope, just walking down the hall in one home…


…one side of the hall was bamboo and one side was a tulip forest.  i have never seen anything like it.

the moral of the story is that you can make anything look "charming" if you shine your photos enough.  truth be told, jastin and i added one more house to our list at the last minute and thought it would be a definite pass simply by the pictures.  it turned out to be the one "maybe" out of the 17 houses we looked at.

we will be heading back over tomorrow to look at a few more possibilities….and thankfully, none of them are charmers! 

oh and in case you are wondering about what adali has been up to while we have been trying to find the perfect house, no need to worry…she has been playing with all of the neighborhood kids in my parents subdivision; something that is foreign to her since we live in a retirement development back in GA.  she is loving every minute of it.  

much love,

mama a   


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  1. Sara T says:

    So the wall murals aren’t cool? I guess i should cancel my order for the ones i have coming for our addition……

  2. Sonya says:

    Holy cow. Those walls are definitely interesting! And those raggady ann and andy dolls – that’s just weird. Hope you have better luck today!

  3. Vicky says:

    Did you guys end up selling your house from before you moved to GA?

  4. Jenn & Oscar says:

    Good luck with the house hunt. We looked at 80+ houses for 11 mths before we found THE ONE. And charming = SMALL, handyman’s delight= too much work, rustic= needs updating

  5. Mandy says:

    Okay, this just completely cracked me up…I read this post the other day, and then yesterday I opened up my new Parenting magazine and saw an advertisement for those hideous slippers!!! So funny!

  6. Jenny says:

    Oh Jamie, you are making me nervous. We had a showing on our house Friday while we were in Vegas. I had Katie come “straighten” the house just to be sure. I hope there are no photos of my house on anyone’s blog! Maybe you should go knock on the door of your old house and see if they want to sell it back to you!

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