monday, march 29

well, we are back in the south.  we flew back yesterday and after this last trip, i think it's safe to say that adali has the whole travel thing down pretty well.  the catch about where we live is that no matter where you are flying to there are no direct flights…zero, zilch, not even one…oh unless you are going to atlanta or charlotte which in that case you would be considered lazy.  i have learned over the course of the last year what works well to make the day long travel as smooth as possible.  let's discuss shall we…

first and most importantly always have food handy.  


leave enough time on your layover to get food if it's meal time and always bring snacks in case you can't find an option your child will eat.  oh, and be prepared to share your food.  jastin actually got 2 cheeseburgers for himself and before he knew it adali claimed one as her own.  don't complain…food in mouth equals completely occupied child 


next, if you have a wait in the airport park your butts near other children even if it's not technically at your gate (just be close enough to keep an eye on your own flight).


you may not have a lot of stuff to entertain them with so be creative with what you do have.


kids are easily entertained by pretty much anything, including, errrr….you.

 Hat collage1

and the airport itself.




and for the actual flying time, bring out the big guns…


…tinkerbell via portable dvd player, puppy dog via happy meal, milkies in a thermos to ensure it's always cold and not growing something funky throughout the day and you can't forget the pacis (if your child still takes them of course).  this point leads me into the next important point.  be flexible with nap times.  admittedly, this is a hard one for me as i have tried to keep adali to a nap schedule to keep her moods in check but i learned to throw this out the window on travel days.  if it is her scheduled nap time but she is content watching her dvd player or reading books leave. her. be.  when she gets tired enough she will fall asleep.

i promise…


there are a few other things you should always remember not to travel without…lovies…in adali's case it's her kitty, wet wipes to wipe down everything within reach on the plane…i promise you this will help avoid travel sickness, hand sanitizer to quickly wash away germs throughout the day and last but not least, patience…your blood pressure will thank you at the end of the day (sometimes i need to remind myself of this last one).

and if all goes well you have a happy little girl who you love to travel with.


  Hat collage2

good thing, cause we do it all over again in a few weeks.

much love,

mama a  


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