monday, march 15


dear lady in the easter candy aisle,

yes you.  the one who said "how old is she and she already knows what candy is" as you walked past us and shook your head and rolled your eyes when adali exclaimed "candy, candy, " over and over again.  when i said she is 2 and yes she knows what candy is, what i really wanted to say was she is 2 and yes she knows what candy is but she also knows what a yak, an ostrich, a jaguar and an iguana are.  and yes the easter bunny will bring her some candy, and yes she will be excited to eat the candy but she will also be excited to eat mushrooms and avocados and edamame and carrots and spinach, so get off your high parenting horse and go roll your eyes at someone else.

oh and ps…what the heck were you doing in the candy aisle anyway?

peep, peep.

mama a  

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  1. Kristen says:

    How could you not just smile at Adali!! How rude!

  2. Aunt Zinsey says:

    I take the blame! Oh, and of course I have some purchased for her for this week :)

  3. Rebecca Bruggers says:

    LOL!!!! Love this post!!! See you in the candy aisle, or maybe the edamame section;)

  4. Erin Geary says:

    Whoa! Wonder what she would say about my children’s eating habits?! Candy is a main food group in our household :-)

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