tuesday, march 30

this should be a picture of our dream house, but….


…we haven't found it yet so a picture of our dream child will have to do.  

house hunt part II went better than house hunt part I but still not well enough to say we found a house that is suited for us.  there were several comments about the great hunt part I so i felt compelled to keep updating on where we are at.  

we still actually own our house in benton park (st. louis city) and will not be moving back to that house for several reasons.  first, and most importantly, when we found renters last year they requested a 2 year lease.  they have been great renters this past year and will continue to rent it until next summer.  and, while the benton park house is great, we are looking for something a little different (like maybe a bigger yard than a 10 foot x 10 foot patch of grass).  jastin will actually be splitting his time between 2 hospitals in st. louis which happen to be at opposite ends of the city.  because of that, are search has led us to a corridor between the two.  i would name the areas of that corridor, but it would seem like the entire city of st. louis so i will just spare you the list and share the area when we finally do find "the one."  and lastly, although we have not decided whether adali will attend a parochial or public school, we would like to place ourselves in a good school district in case our decision is for public.

the 2 days we spent looking at properties taught us a lot about areas we like and areas we don't.  it also taught us that there are a lot of properties out there that are way overpriced…oh, and i learned that you can actually edit your photos to remove big transformer stations from your backyard to get people in the door of your property…note to self, next time we put our house on the market, i will make sure to edit the picture of the house and take out the person selling drugs on the corner (i kid, i kid).  

we are heading back in a few weeks and i am still very confident we will find something that is right for us  i promise that the first thing i will do once we find "the one," is buy a pair of slipper dusters to keep my feet warm at the same time i shine the floors.

and because a dream child is way cooler than a dream house, here are a few more pictures of the babe.



much love,

mama a  



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  1. Sara T says:

    Well shoot on not finding “THE” house yet – but i know it will work out. Now my bigger question – how much do you have to pay/bribe Adali to keep hair accessories in??? Katie’s “gender issues” would be helped 10 fold if she would just let me put bows and or headbands in her hair/head – but she refuses and therefore is still called – HE HIM HIS on a regular basis when out in public – even when dressed completely in pink and lavendar……… AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  2. Jamie says:


    There was a point where she would take them out every time I put them in and I just persevered and kept putting them back in until she was resigned to the fact that she had to deal with them. Now, she kind of gets excited when I put one in…especially the pony tail. It’s the same way with us…Adali will get called a boy if I don’t have something in her hair…and sometimes, not even that is enough to keep the “cute boy” comments away. All I can say is good luck. :)


  3. michelle says:

    the little pony (piggy) tail kills me! :)

  4. Jenny says:

    How about you guys scrap the St. Louis idea and come to the Kansas City area. You can buy our house. Check it out here [ Reply

  • Jamie says:


    kansas city was on our short list but no jobs open for dr. j. and trust me if we found anything remotely close to your house we would snatch it right up. it’s beautiful. however, i wonder what the 3 of us would do with a house that big. :) where are you guys moving to? i doubt you will have any trouble selling your place…just remember to hide your sipper dusters!


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