wednesday, march 3

as we draw closer to adali's second birthday i have found myself thinking about the last year, particularly, leaving my job to become a full-time mom.  as you may recall, the day i left my job was not an easy one.  my head filled with more questions than answers.  and truth be told the first few weeks away were very difficult for me.  i have no shame in admitting that i resented my husband for getting to wake up every morning and lead a life outside the 4 walls of our house (remember we were still in rsv prison at this time which amplified my feelings for sure).  quite frankly, my attitude sucked about being a stay at home mom.  i know, it's sad.  however, after a few weeks i had a very critical heart to heart with myself about why i wasn't allowing myself to embrace what i was doing and enjoy it as much as i enjoyed my previous career.  from that day on i promised myself to stop comparing what i had previously been doing to what i was currently doing.  it was important for me to pack all of the feelings up from my last job, put them in a box, if you will, and donate them to someone else.  there was no need for me to hold onto them anymore.  and realistically, there was no room for them either.  and from that day on, i didn't look back.  

having been in human resources for several years i know how to "preach" the whole "if you love what you do it's not a job" line.  and now i can honestly say that i love what i do.  if someone asks me how it is to be a stay at home mom i will smile and tell them it's wonderful and know that i am not lying to them or to myself.

and really, if you think about it, there are so many similarities between the corporate world and child rearing/running a household.  for instance (disclaimer; this is a general comparison and not specifically from my own experiences…errr, who am i kidding, it's totally from my experiences):

** you are constantly cleaning up other peoples messes…whether it's an immature employee that sends out an inappropriate email or a cup of milk spilled deep in the couch cushions…it's still a mess and it still affects your day.

** you are forced to stick to a budget.  whether it's choosing to hire a new employee at the expense of a planned training program or a new house at the expense of a fabulous wardrobe you must follow a budget in both careers.

** you have meetings all the time.  if you have worked in corporate america at all you know that meetings seem to be any company's best friend.  and you have just as many important meetings with your counterparts as a stay at home mom…like what to have for meals that week or one on one meetings about the fact that it's not necessary to dump every book off the shelf every. single. day.  it was no secret with my coworkers that i despised meetings.  however, meetings as a stay at home mom are the highlight of my day (see below to see how meetings rock at antisdels inc).  

** to be successful at any job you must be able to multitask.  i thought i was good at this in any job i have previously held but being a mother forces you to learn a whole new level.  example – on the phone confirming a doctor's appointment while changing a diaper on a child that thinks diaper changing should be included in the next olympics as a cross between wrestling and rythmic gymnastics, managing to keep the dog from eating said diaper, remembering that the baby hasn't had her vitamin for the day and that you need to pay for next months gymnastics class and texting your husband to remember to renew his license all at the same time.  another thing i am not ashamed to admit is that men are horrible at multitasking which is why they are fathers not mothers.  

** you must be able to tread lightly in sensitive situations.  in the corporate world that equates to letting hundreds of people know that there will be no bonuses because of a declining economy.  in mothering it equates to telling your child that they are getting to old to have a pacifier and that it will soon be going away.  

just like any other job there are times when you question your sanity, question your effectiveness in the job…like when you are on dirty diaper #14  for the day and in your haste you completely forget to put a clean diaper on ending in a mess of disasterous proportions 20 minutes later, or you don't realize that your pony tail wagging child that you think is the cutest thing to ever flash before your eyes has egg crusted on her face from breakfast 8. hours. earlier.   

will i be a stay at home mom forever?  probably not.  but, as long as it is my title, i will embrace it for all of it's fabulousness…like outdoor tea parties on the cusp of spring.  for now, i am a stay at home mom and adali and i rock it out!

and this my friends, is how we rock it in my boardroom…

 Tea party-38

 Tea party collage

 Tea party-14

 Tea party-22

 Tea party-35

 Tea party-24

 Tea party-20

 Tea party-9

 Tea party-6

 Tea party-26

oh, and we are accepting applications! (this means that you are more than welcome to join us not that we are having babies…)

much love,

mama a  

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  1. Mandy says:

    Jamie, I truly love my job as a teacher & always tell people that if I’m going to be a working mom, I have the best job for it. I think it’s wonderful that you get the title of a “stay at home mom.” Nolan is soon going to be 3 and I’m constantly asking myself where the time has gone while trying hard not to focus on the fact that someone else gets to spend most of his awake time with him. Unfortunately, that someone isn’t me. So kudos to you for getting that title & enjoy every minute of it while it lasts!

  2. Christi says:

    I have been following your blog for awhile and just want you to know that your daughter is ADORABLE~~ you are doing an awesome job with her too! I am also a stay at home mom and LOVE my job too! Keep up the good work (every once in awhile it’s nice when people tell us that) :)

  3. michelle says:

    james, i’m totally envious of your title. i only WISH i could have that title, even if only part-time. (which i guess i do, if you condsider the weekends). it stinks. by the time we can afford for me to stay at home the kids will be old enough to not need me (other than for chauffer services)…tear…i MISS them so much when i’m work and i MISS so much when i’m work.

    if you have to be a SAHM, now (the age that Adali is at now) is the best of time as ever. i’m envious of your title. it’s better than Mrs Universe!

    missing my babies,

  4. Sandy says:

    I agree with Michelle. Enjoy every minute of it….I’m jealous! And as a side note….If you were a stay at home mom and Mrs Universe – How much would that rock??!!?!

  5. loved this post! glad you’re enjoying it now…time just flies by, doesn’t it?

  6. Elizabeth LeBlanc says:

    Great Post! Happy early 2nd Birthday Adali! Mia and I have been following you since you were born :-)

    Elizabeth & Mia LeBlanc

  7. Melissa says:

    Way to put things in perspective, momma, thanks. Some days I need this! Oh, and I LOVE Adali’s hoodie!

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