monday, march 22

last wednesday night mama and i hopped a plane bound for illinois to spend some (non-sick) time with family and friends.  as usual, our first flight was delayed which caused us to miss our connection. mama was not happy, but i didn't care…i got to say up way past my bed time and eat ice cream.  we were lucky enough to catch the last flight out and pulled in to nana and papa's house around 1am central time which was 2am to us.  ick.  mama said i handled everything like a champ entertaining our fellow passengers into the wee hours with games of peekaboo and constant giggles.

we brought a bit of the warm weather with us and pup pup and i planned our day's of fun in the sun as soon as we woke up.  


we've played hide and seek, visited the horses out in the pasture, rescued kitty's from trees and just about anything else you can think of.   


 B&w collage

nana broke out the bubbles.  pup pup seemed unimpressed but i had a blast.

 Bubbles collage 

a little kick ball…

 Ball collage 


 Steps collage

i asked pup pup if he wanted a manicure and he said dog's don't get their nails painted…what?  i love when mama paints my nails.

 Pup pup 


ohhhh, and more ice cream!  pup pup would have loved this but he wasn't invited.  i didn't know you could get eyes on your ice cream…  


 Ice cream collage


we have had so much fun so far.  mama will be picking daddy up from the airport tomorrow so they can start looking for houses in st. louis.  to say she is excited is a bit of an understatement.  oh and speaking of st. louis…mommy wanted me to make sure i thanked all of you for the nice comments about the news that we will be moving back to st. louis in july.  we are all very excited and feel very blessed for the opportunity.

the weather will be nice again tomorrow so i will keep you updated on the continuing adventures of pup pup and adali.     

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace

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  1. Sonya says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t get over how much Adali looks just like you and Lindsey in the black and white profile shots – especially the one with a huge smile on her face! I totally see you and your sister in those pics.

    Looks like you are having a great time. Happy house hunting with Jastin! What areas are you looking at?

  2. Jennifer Teegarden says:

    Congrats on your exciting news! I am sure you must be so excited! Good luck with the house – hunting. I look forward to hopefully seeing you next month for the March of Dimes walk. I have a few questions for you, so when you get a chance, could you email me your contact number? Thanks and enjoy your time in St. Louis!

  3. michelle says:

    house hunting!?!? you’re soooo lucky! we won’t get to house hunt for, like, another 3 years or so.

    oh GOD when will this end!?!? (the residency thing, not this comment – it is getting rather long though, don’t chya think?)

    i guess FL there will be “rental” hunting (1 year away). and if we end up in Cali or STL after fellowship there will be house hunting (2 years away). but if we end up anywhere other than Cali or STL after fellowship we’ll rent to get a feel of the area, ya know.

    jeeze! i’m so freaking jealous! GOD! when will this end (wait, i think i already asked that…) we’ve [you and i] been doing this whole residency thing for the EXACT same amount of time. like, to the day. how come you get to get out of it 2 years earlier than me. NOT FAIR! :)


    ps i think addi totally has those pink ballet shoes that Adali’s wearing!

    pss addi keeps asking about “Baby Adali”…

  4. Tiffany says:

    Have fun house hunting! What areas are you looking in? Ours is on the market now so if you are looking out in this area I know one for sale! Good luck have fun and enjoy your time here.

  5. Sandy says:

    House hunting – EXCITING! Good Luck :) I love Adali’s little ponytail!

  6. Kelli says:

    Hi Jaime,
    This is going to be a reeeaaally random comment but I saw a comment that you made on Nicole Diehl’s blog awhile ago regarding having photos taken in her wedding gown and I wanted to ask you a few questions about that (i.e. pick your brain for some ideas) if you don’t mind. Nicole and I are good friends here in St. Louis (I see you’ll be moving here soon!) and I loved your idea of having someone take journalistic shots with the kids in a wedding gown. I’ve got someone line dup to do that but now I am totally panicking about it because I don’t know what to do without it being totally cheesy and weird. SO I wanted to hear some of your ideas, if you have some.

    Again, I know this is random but if you get a few minutes would you mind emailing me at Thanks!

  7. Jamie,
    I had a conversation yesterday that made me think of your “target” run-in that you posted about a few days ago. Maggie (2 1/2) told me yesterday that I could find Dora “on demand” when I was having trouble finding it. I posted this on my facebook page, expecting a bunch of “oh, how cute’s” etc. Instead I got a bunch of “that is so sad”, we are “tv free and loving it”. I wanted to immediately defend my parenting, stating that we watch < 1 hour a day (especially if we want to eat dinner!) and that Maggie isn’t just planted in front of the boob tube for endless hours of the day. But instead, I thought of your target experience, took a deep breath and just tried to laugh it off, knowing that Maggie is doing just fine, I’m a good parent and tomorrow is another day.

    Thanks for your blog and letting me into a little part of your world!


  8. I have to echo Sonya’s comment…for the first time, I think Adali looks so much like you!! I always see Jastin in the pictures of her!

    And Homewood Grill…be still my heart. I’ll be there soon :)

  9. Jennifer Long says:

    Hello… I came across your blog thru a friend of mine’s blog and I just have to say that the pictures of your daughter are just beautiful!! I too am into photography but my pictures are not near as clear as your’s… what’s your secret? Do you use Photoshop or a certain camera? I like Canon but am always looking for new ideas. Good luck on your move back to St. Louis. We live on the Illinois side and love this area for raising kids.


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