Smile collage

friday, april 30   … why is this little girl so happy you ask? she gets a sleepover tonight  with her aunt zindsey and uncle adam. … jastin and i are headed to churchill downs to see the ponies tomorrow. … oh and one more reason she's happy… we have a house under contract in [ Continue Reading ... ]

March for babies

tuesday, march 27 on saturday, we marched…for the babies.  i once again arrived feeling an immense sense of pride. i am proud of our little family for the obstacles we have overcome.  i am proud of our big family for their unconditional support since adali came into this world 3 months early.  i am proud [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, april 23   … simply looking back into my photo archive exactly 2 years to the date will instantly snap me back to reality. … the little annoyances in life well their little and they pass. … i am blessed i am thankful and i love my little family! have a good weekend! we [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, april 22 there's nothing that will lift you out of a funk that you should never be in in the fist place like your wickedly cute daughter taking her lucky penny and hello kitty doll down the street in her cozy coupe to pick wildflowers with her nana just to give to you.  now [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, april 20 this is a picture of my father keeping vigil of adali in her nicu room on her 11th day of life as he diligently works on his blackberry.  if you peek inside of adali's isolette, you will notice that she is just as much keeping vigil of him as he is of [ Continue Reading ... ]

March collage

monday, april 19     post edit – wahooo!  do you see that ticker on the side rising!  we are getting there…thanks to those of you who have donated in the past 24 hours.  it makes the babies (and my heart) happy!  on another note, i posted the wrong location to park.  the walk itself is [ Continue Reading ... ]