thursday, april 15

have you ever had those weeks where you feel like you need time apart from your own child?  well, the past week has been one of those weeks for me.  i know this is a normal feeling had by many women so before anyone goes all social worker on me, hear me out.  i love adali.  dearly.  but, while in georgia we spend every waking (and often times sleeping) minute together.  we have no babysitter, no mommy day out classes, no date nights…no.thing.  just me and my fifth appendage all.the.time.  it's that way because i wanted it that way.  this was the year i wanted to bond with my daughter, to adventure, play dress up, laugh together and while i have loved it for the past 10 months, adali is growing up and with growing up comes independence.  it's like in the past week a switch was flipped.  all of a sudden she feels the need to test her boundaries.  i tell her no and she smirks this evil little half mouthed grin and does it just to spite me.  holy cow, it sucks!  she also has to have everything done just a certain way.  the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on this one because i am the exact same way but come on, people she's throwing 30 minute crying fits because i accidentally covered up elmo on her diaper when i fastened it.  even if i correct my wrong it's too late.  the flailing and crying has already ensued and there is nothing i can do to stop it short of promising her a pony.  

all of this is making me even more anxious to get to st. louis.  i need more activities for her, the zoo, grants farm, baseball games, city museum, play dates, preschool…it's all calling our name and it can't get here soon enough.  until then, i am trying to freshen things up with her and provide her with as many new/fun experiences as i can.  one thing i think we are both grateful for is the beautiful weather we are having here in the south.  i am not lying when i say that this has been one of the most gorgeous springs i can remember.  april has been nearly rain free and the sun is always high in the sky.  and the pollen is finally past us so we can head back outside without the fear of turning into a yellow martian. lately it's been sun with sprinkles around here.  i picked up a sprinkler the other night and adali demands her suit and sprinkles as soon as the sun is up.  i gratefully oblige and we head outside for some much needed laughter.  seeing her have fun like this makes all the orneriness a little easier to swallow.




  Sprinkles collage



  sprinkles b&w-21


 Sprinkles collage2


i've captured the good, the bad and the ugly of our little family and although the last week has been more ugly than good, we are still living a fairy tale.

so, say cheese…

 Sprinkles collage3

much love,

mama a 



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  1. Sandy says:

    I feel for you. I really do! I count on my family sooooooooo much and have thought many times….what would I do without them? Every mom has these times so don’t ever think you are alone with that. St Louis isn’t too far away in time…..You will be there before you know it. Keep your chin up and a pair of earplugs handy :)

  2. michelle says:

    yep! sounds about right. and this is just the beginning – so buckle up! Addi was about 2 when she started this phase…Conner though, he started early…way early.

    enjoy it (i know i don’t have to tell you that). cause now i look at addi and it makes me sad. she’s no longer an ornery toddler…now she’s a sassy little girl. i miss my baby…tear.


  3. sara t says:

    Welcome Jamie – this is a phase that tests EVERY parents patience….. for the last 2 weeks Katie refuses supper and bath time…. good.times…..

    Good Luck – you will be back before you know it!!

  4. Melissa says:

    I couldn’t have written your first paragraph better myself. Glad your light at the end of the tunnel is getting larger each day :)

  5. Mary W says:

    I know what your going through. J has been going through this “phase” for the last year. Good times with these little ones….they sure like to test their limits!! You will be here before you know it.

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