thursday, april 8

on monday i got to check an item off my bucket list!  living in augusta, georgia for all of 1 year we knew that this would realistically be the only opportunity for us to experience the masters.  for those of you that aren't familiar with professional golf, the masters is the holy grail of the sport.  you win it and you are considered a member of a very elite club.  

by now i'm sure you have gathered that i enjoy the sport.  i love to play and i respect the history of it.  well, you don't get a better history lesson than at augusta national.  on sunday night i was like a kid on christmas eve.  i hardly slept and counted down the minutes until jastin was finished with his morning case so we could head to the course.  the minute we stepped through the gates my smile grew as big as it could possibly get without pulling any important muscles in my face.  i turned to jastin and asked if we were really at the masters.  i was so giddy i didn't even mind that cell phones were absolutely prohibited from the course…i was at the masters and it.was.magnificent.

for this week, i could put aside all of my resentment for the city i lived in and love it for all of it's beauty…even if the beauty was behind 20 foot high gates that didn't allow you to see in unless you were fortunate enough to be a member, work on the grounds or have a ticket this week.  call me a fair weather friend when it comes to the city, i don't care.  beautiful doesn't even do this place justice…there wasn't a blade of grass or a pine cone out of place.  we made our way to the first tee where we were scheduled to meet jastin's dad and a friend of his.  as we walked up taking everything around us in, i knew nothing that day would disappoint.  right there, waiting to tee off on hole number one as he joked with the crowd was a legend, tom watson.  mr. watson is by far, my favorite professional golfer.  he exudes class and has the utmost respect for the game.  practicing with him that day were 2 young golfers, one an amateur only 16 years old by the name of matteo manaserro…the youngest kid to ever play in the tournament.  even on the first hole you get a sense of just how difficult this course is which makes you respect these guys even more.  i leaned over to jastin after i reminded him 4 or 5 times that i could have just reached out and touched tom watson that if i were to ever get to play this course (highly unlikely as i am not a billionaire and i have boobs instead of balls…no women members allowed) that i would be bawling like a baby after the first hole…it's that hard. 

so, now that you fully grasp my love for what i experienced let me reward you (as if you even care) with some pictures from the day.


the great tom watson…who at the time i am writing this post is in the lead.  unreal.  the man is my golf hero.




after watching mr. watson, we made our way to the 18th green where the man whore tiger was expected to be any minute.  let me just tell you that there is no longer any doubt how people feel about him…they still love him.  not a single boo from the crowd…although i can understand how you may feel compelled to cheer after seeing the 10+ enormous body guards that were never far from where he was.  and for the record on the day we were watching, one of his entourage pulled out a card with a picture lineup of his mistresses and asked a lady in the crowd if she was "one of the strippers."  one of my friends asked if it was me that was asked that question…uhhh, no and i'm not sure i should take the question as a compliment or a put down.  

tiger walking up 18…




tiger and fred couples…


tiger, fred couples and jim furyk…


i really want a caddy jumpsuit with my last name on it…



fred couples being, well, fred couples.





proof that nobody cares he had 17 mistresses…


looking out over 7th hole…notice the haze of pollen in the air.    



this guy cracks me up.  his name is miguel angel jimenez.  he is a spaniard that golfs with a cigar and manages to swing a club with a belly that rivals a pregnant woman's.  real talent i tell you.


this year you may pay upwards of $4000 (ungodly high this year because of the whole tiger comeback, we did not pay close to this) to watch a day of golf but you will only pay $4.25 for a pimento cheese sandwich and a frosty cold one.


amen corner through the trees…  


the pictures do not do justice to just how beautiful this part of the course is.



2 young amateurs that made the cut walking up the 11th fairway…


in the 16th grandstands…


on the 16th hole, after the golfers have taken their shot off of the tee, the crowd immediately yells, "skip it, skip it!"  they want the golfer to walk up to the edge of the water on the hole and skip it, like a rock, on the water and onto the green.  it is pretty fun to watch.  most of the golfers are pretty good at it and some fail miserably.  this is where they were trying to skip it.  


 this is kj choi attempting to skip it.  he didn't make it.


here is mr. watson trying to make it…he did. 


this is the 16 year old, matteo manaserro, that was paired with tom that day.  he wasn't going to do it and mr. watson turned around and said, "no, you've gotta do it."  so he did, and he made it and had the biggest grin on his face after he did.  i can't imagine the butterflies this kid had at the start of the day.  


on the 15th fairway with jastin and his dad 


kevin na in the sand trap on the 17th green…


caddy clean up… 


a break in the shade for a frosty cold one…it was hot. 



2007 masters champion zach johnson…ps, he had a cleft lip and jastin says he has one of the best repairs he has ever seen.  i may have to charge you for that piece of riveting information.    


kenny perry.  he went into a 3 way play-off last year and choked couldn't pull it off.  i like him too.


retief goosen… 


under the main leaderboard…


the clubhouse…


taking a break after a long and memorable day.


this vision will be forever implanted in my mind as one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen.  if you get the chance to go to augusta national for the masters….GO, i promise you won't regret it.



a BIG thank you to gaga and bapa for allowing us to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

and to think that in less than a month i get to check another item off of my bucket list…how lucky can one girl be!

much love,

mama a 



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  1. michelle says:

    you look so happy and satisfied in that last pic :)

    my dad’s totally jealous.


  2. jason szymonik says:

    so jealous, the course looks immaculate.

  3. Wow! Amazing. Thanks for sharing your day, it looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. How long do stay at a hole? It looks like you really made the rounds around the course.

    I’m happy to see Freddy Couples and Tom Watson as the ones to beat.

  4. Becca says:

    Very fun post! How cool that you were able to see the Masters! I had a few coworkers peering over my shoulder wondering how they could get a copy of some of your amazing photos!
    Can they copy paste from your blog to get a picture? can’t wait to see you soon!

  5. Jamie says:


    i don’t mind at all if they take a copy of them. all i ask is if they use them some place on the web that they simply link back to the post for the credit to the pics. glad people like them. :)


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