tuesday, april 20

this is a picture of my father keeping vigil of adali in her nicu room on her 11th day of life as he diligently works on his blackberry.  if you peek inside of adali's isolette, you will notice that she is just as much keeping vigil of him as he is of her. Blackberry-5

it should have then been no surprise to me when adali suddenly pulled her abby cadabby phone out of her abby cadabby purse as we wheeled through the aisles of the grocery store last week and shouted, "ohhhh my blackberry!"  


she then proceeded to have a very one-sided conversation with her papa, who must have been hanging his head in shame on the other end of the fake phone when she yelled, "papa bad boy…lost his keys.  you better go timeout."   


there are 2 lessons to be learned here:

first, apparently children can be just as addicted to blackberry's as grown men…adali's blackberry goes nearly everywhere with us and if you are within earshot of her, she will show you all of the wonderful features her blackberry provides.  

and second, you better never do anything adali can call you out on because she will never let you forget about it…papa, be prepared to get many stern lectures about losing your keys when we come visit.  

 Blackberry frame

much love,

mama a  

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  1. sara t says:

    Too cute – If I had to guess I would bet she has Papa wrapped around her little finger!!! (cussings out or not!) :-)

  2. Aunt Lindsey says:

    I am glad to see that she enjoys her Abby Cadabby loot!

  3. so cute! i’ll bet that “conversation” was adorable to hear!

  4. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:

    Hilarious! Jamie, soon she will be asking you for an iphone!

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