thursday, april 22

there's nothing that will lift you out of a funk that you should never be in in the fist place like your wickedly cute daughter taking her lucky penny and hello kitty doll down the street in her cozy coupe to pick wildflowers with her nana just to give to you.  now that my friends, will lift anyone's spirits and keep them funk-free for a long, long time.



  Flowers collage





the good news is that we found another lucky penny today, hello kitty is still with us (thank you aunt debbe) and there are lots more wild flowers ready to be picked.  anyone else need a little pick me up?   


mama a 

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  1. sara t says:

    Adorable!! Flowers from your girls does really perk a momma up – even yellow dandylions…. that is what abby and katie like to pick for me – Abby informed Grandpa Jim the other night to make sure that the cows DO NOT EAT the yellow flowers – because those are for my mom! :-)

    Hope you guys have decent weather for your walk tomorrow!!!

  2. Kristina says:

    Adali is so cute!!!

  3. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:

    Adali is so precious! Who could possible be in a bad mood after receiving flowers from such a sweet girl! I hope your day is better. See you tomorrow!

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