monday, april 19

   March collage

post edit – wahooo!  do you see that ticker on the side rising!  we are getting there…thanks to those of you who have donated in the past 24 hours.  it makes the babies (and my heart) happy!  on another note, i posted the wrong location to park.  the walk itself is located in the lower muny parking lot the place to park is in the upper muny lot.  

i have been looking forward to this saturday since the beginning of the year.  sure, i wish there was no reason to gather in april every year and i hope in my lifetime we see the day that we don't need the march of dimes, but that day isn't here yet.  with every new email i received of people joining our team, my heart would grow that much bigger (and truthfully my eyes would fill with tears).  let's face it, we all have our causes…we have all been touched by something profound in our life enough to feel the need to do something about it, but i am so humbled that our experience has moved those close to us enough to join us in our cause.  if this is your first time walking, i promise you will feel like you can conquer the world afterwards…at least i did.  

i wanted to thank ALL of you for your donations.  team adali's angels has raised $1710 so far.  we are $790 away from our team goal of $2500.  i would really like to hit our goal and i will be making a final push this week to see if we can get there…so…don't forget about our little button over there on the left side of the page that will take you to the march for babies site to make a donation.  and don't be afraid to pass the message on to friends and family…we don't bite…promise.  

if you are walking with us, here is a bit of information about saturday.  the walk starts at 9 am.  once you get into the park, there will be signs directing you where to park (lower upper muny parking lot).  we will be meeting in the same spot we did last year, which is right in front of the family tent (everything is marked.  you should have no trouble finding it).  i will be there early and know everyone that will be joining us this year so i will be on the lookout for you.  

i am excited to see friends and family we haven't seen in a long time but more importantly i am excited at the contribution we are making to help end prematurity.  YOU GUYS ROCK! 


mama a  

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  1. Chrystal says:

    We’re looking forward to it!! See you Saturday!

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