monday, april 12

for easter i got a little garden kit.  the easter bunny must have known how much i loved taking care of the tomato and basil plants we planted last summer that he thought i would enjoy planting my  very own seeds and watching them grow.  here are the important steps i took to gain my green thumb badge…

step 1 – evaluate the goods.

 Little garden-23 

step 2 – place the 2 soil pellets into a large bowl and water.

 Little garden-27

 Garden collage1

step 3 – ask for more water because that was so much fun.

 Garden collage2

step 4 – loosen the soil.

 Little garden-5

step 5 – divide the soil evenly into pots and add a few seeds to each (we did pumpkin and sunflower).

 Garden collage3

step 6 – label what is in each pot and pray they grow and we don't kill them…mama helped me with this part…i can't write that straight to keep the words on the stick.

 Garden collage4

i did everything by myself and mama and i  have been watering them diligently waiting for them to grow.  let's just say patience is not my greatest virtue (mama says i get it honestly). when i don't see any buds i tend to want to dig the seeds out every morning to make sure they are still there.  daddy says the seeds probably don't appreciate that very much.  how long does this growing stuff take anyway?

i hope they grow enough for me to plant them in a big garden later this summer when we move.  until then i will keep you updated on their progress.

what are you going to grow in your garden this year?

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace





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  1. Sandy says:

    I just posted gardening pics as well :) We…ahem…not me….I really do not have a green thumb….are growing Arugala, tomatoes, Peppers, Potatoes, Onions, and HOPEFULLY Asparagus.

  2. she is adorable playing with dirt! wanted to say thanks for your support the last couple weeks. so glad we keep up with each other these days. xo.

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