tuesday, april 6

it's hard to believe that this is adali's third easter.  her first easter was spent in the nicu.  last easter was her big "coming out" celebration as we said goodbye to the threat of rsv.  and this easter was just as special as the first 2, as adali is now beginning to understand both the meaning of easter and the fun of it as well…plus her gaga and bapa were here to celebrate with us (jastin's mom and dad).  

on saturday evening we let her dye some eggs.  this went over about as good as can be expected with a 2 year old.  

 Easter2010 1 

her interpretation of gently dropping the egg into the dye was to throw it as hard as she could which made us both look like smurfs from our fingers to our elbows.



she also found it especially exciting to dip her finger in the dye the dripped off of the eggs and lick it all the while saying, "mmmm, yummy." 

 Egg collage

she was so proud of the finished product.  those eggs were her very own work of art.


she kept picking them up over and over again, just to make sure they were really hers .


after a picnic dinner under the setting sun, it was a good bath and an early(ish) bedtime as she knew there would be a special visitor the next day. 

on easter morning she was so excited to get to church to see "baby jesus."  as soon as we found our seat, she immediately started pointing up to the altar and shouting "baby jesus on the cross."  trust me when i say that you only need to explain something to this child once and she will never forget it.

following church, it was time for her first real easter bunny experience.  peter cottontail had transformed the backyard into a little girls dream.  he had set her basket right where she could find it and had sprinkled brightly colored eggs all over the yard like little sparkling jewels…jewels that held chocolate that we quickly learned would not last long under the georgia sun.  








seriously…is she not the cutest thing you have seen?

 Easter collage






everything was a great success and a day i will never forget.  i held this easter and the meaning behind it very close to my heart knowing that our little family has been blessed beyond measure and praying that God continues to bestow upon us his undying love.

thank you gaga and bapa for celebrating with us!

 Easter collage2



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  1. Melissa says:

    Sweet pink cheeks to match her sweet dress! Looks like a fun day – and brave mommy for wearing a white tank while coloring eggs!

  2. Sandy says:

    Too funny…I was going to say the same thing…How brave are you wearing white while coloring eggs!

  3. Sara T says:

    Such pretty pictures!! Everything looks so vibrant!!

  4. Sandy says:

    LOVE the picture of Adali’s hand……I love little baby hands! So cute!

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