tuesday, march 27

on saturday, we marched…for the babies.  i once again arrived feeling an immense sense of pride. i am proud of our little family for the obstacles we have overcome.  i am proud of our big family for their unconditional support since adali came into this world 3 months early.  i am proud of our friends for their support for a cause that they may not personally know themselves and who continually step up to the plate year after year.  and i am proud of all of the people who have joined this journey with us having never even met the person who we march in honor of.  i am so proud of what we are all doing in the fight against prematurity.  thank you from the bottom of my heart.  thank you.  thank you.  thank you.  because of all of you, we once again surpassed our goal and raised more than $3000 for the march of dimes!  unbelievable.  here are a few snapshots from that amazing day. 

 oh, and for those of you that prayed for the rain to stay away, thank you too.  it did.  not a drop.  which is pretty amazing considering the ominous dark clouds that loomed overhead all day.  

  March for babies

  March collage1

michelle and addie getting ready to march…

  March for babies-2

  March for babies-3 

ella, thank you for walking for baby adali and all the other babies (i could have taken you home with me, you were so cute).

  March for babies-16 

adali meeting fred bird for the first time…less than thrilled.


  March for babies-5

aunt zindsey, baby thunder and adali walking under the flag…


austin playing coy with me…he later told his mommy i was cute.

  March for babies-3-2 

allie and ben were also born prematurely and joined team adali's angels this year.  


  March for babies-12

  March for babies-14 

this picture is missing jastin's mom who was taking the picture and will be photoshopped in later this evening.


  March collage2

thank you allie, seth, ben, becca, stacy, lindsey, my mom, jastin's parents, chrystal, austin, deb, addie, michelle, justin, conner, doug, jennifer and ella for marching with us.  

(this picture is missing jastin's mom who was taking the picture and will be photoshopped in)


sadly, there were too many "in memory" t-shirts seen on saturday for us to think we have done everything.  i vow to keep going…to continue to do my part for the babies who can't fight for themselves.  so, i'll see you next year.      

thank you for helping the babies!


mama a

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  1. Deb Salger says:

    Had a great time and we will see you next year.
    Austin’s Nana

  2. Snady says:

    So glad to see that the walk was a success even though the weather was dreadful. And you should feel very proud of your family!!!

  3. Erin says:

    I’m so sorry we couldn’t make it – apparently T&As are a lot worse to recover from than I thought. Avery has just been absolutely miserable, and was not doing well on Saturday. It looks like it went wonderful. Congrats on raising so much for such a great cause!

  4. Baby Health says:

    Your Baby Is So cute …..Thanks For Sharing….
    link to facebook.com

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