monday, may 24

it was a good weekend.  it was actually our last weekend as a family here in augusta which makes this our last full week together in GA.  weird to think about that really.  

remember the sickness that adali was gifted last week by her father?  well, a few days later, she was kind enough to gift it to me.  ahhh. we sure are a family that shares i tell you.  and, it came just in time to ruin our anniversary plans.  typical.  so, three boxes of klennex, 3 chocolate milk-shakes  and a visit to the ent (in our living room…ohhh the perks of being married to a doctor that knows his snot) and i am absolutely no better.  sigh.  

but, it was still a good weekend.  wanna know why?

we made guacamole.  i heart guacamole…like a lot.  i may need rehab for it.  i also love how adali says guacamole (note to self, get that on video).    

  Guac collage 

adali's favorite part is squeezing the lime juice in it.  i think it's because once she has squeezed every last drop from the lime she likes to eat it and then carry it around like it's an egg getting ready to hatch.  odd, but kinda cute….and maybe a tad sticky.  

adali also got into the coat closet for the 476th time over the weekend and got out her hat and winter coat.  i guess 90 degress with 97% humidity is kind of chilly for her.  

  Weekend recap-3 

we also had a very important party to attend.  it was her very good friend, marley's 3rd birthday and she had been practicing her vocals all month in preparation.  

  Marley collage 

  Weekend recap-4 

  Marley collage2 

  Weekend recap-7 

  Weekend recap-13 

  Weekend recap-14 

and then it was time for adali's big vocal performance…

  Marley collage3 

…she nailed it.

and she left to a standing ovation.  

  Marley collage4 

she's gonna miss that crazy boy i tell ya.  i'm sure every time i ask her if she wants to go bye bye she will say, "ok, go see marley."  

  Weekend recap-6

and that was our weekend.  

since this is our last week in the south i think it only appropriate to spend the time at the pool…like we are on vacation or something. 

much love,

mama a 

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  1. completely in love with guacamole. could eat it everyday.

    do you ever eat at chipotle? LOVE their guac. totally different b/c there’s no tomatoes!

  2. melissa says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it is your last week in GA. Happy for you guys, but the south will feel a little emptier when you’re gone.

  3. Sandy says:

    I could eat guacamole by the bowls…….LOVE it! I’ve never made it though…..

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