tuesday, may 25

you never really know what you are going to get in the sleep department when jastin is on call.  some nights the beeper stays silent, but there are those occasional nights where you feel like you are trapped in some version of pager hell.  as soon as you get to sleep the beeping begins, beeping that, in the middle of the night,  feels like someone is holding the thing directly next to your eardrum.  but then there are those nights where you are so exhausted you don't fully comprehend where the beeping is coming from and the page and subsequent conversation somehow gets worked in to your altered state of conscience known as dreaming.  

this is exactly what happened a few nights ago and the following is a conversation that took place between jastin, some physician on the other end of the line and my head in this altered state of conscience.

jastin: this is doctor antisdel i was paged.

[long(ish) pause and mumbling by jastin i could not comprehend (or simply don't remember)

jastin: that's fine i just want you to be aware that he is your responsibility until he hits our door.

my head: oh fun someone is coming over.  what shall i make for dinner?  i should probably get the stuff to make guacamole because everyone loves guacamole.

jastin: are you certain he is stable enough?

my head: why is he inviting an unstable person into our home?

jastin: i just want to make sure you have a plan if things go south during the flight…

my head: huh? they are flying to our house?  what if their plane crashes and they end up on an island with giant polar bears (and everyone wastes 6 years of their life seeing who will make it off the island only to find out they were all dead the entire time)? 

jastin: no, i don't need to call them, they know what to do.

my head: holy crap my husband is planning a hit on someone!  what if it is me?  oh well, i will still make guacamole tonight and die a happy woman.

and that's when i woke up and asked jastin who he was just talking to to which he informed me that he gotten a page from an outside hospital about a man they wanted to transport  into his care that had an allergic reaction to popcorn or something and his tongue was so swollen it was nearly blocking his airway.  and so i spent the next 25 minutes digesting what had just happened in that in between state of real and dreaming and praying that this guys last meal wasn't popcorn of all things.

**on a side note – sarah pointed out in a recent comment that she had to do a double take every time she looked at jastin's picture on the side as it looked to her like he had a thing of bullets slung over his shoulder all rambo like.  when i glanced over there this morning i had to laugh because it does kind of look like he is getting ready for some serious butt-kicking.  sarah, it is merely words written on his shirt and not bullets.  having lived in the wrongly labeled "most dangerous city in america" for many years the only gun in our house was a bb gun to scare the pigeons off of our roof top deck.    

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara says:

    LOL – after Sarah made that comment and i looked at the picture i thought the same thing too about the “rambo” look!

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