tuesday, may 11

if memory serves me correctly, i think it was just over 2 months ago when i was saying that adali was a happy-go-lucky little girl who rarely got her panties in a bunch and went with the flow nearly all of the time.  most of the comments from that particular post went something to the effect of "just wait," or "your time is coming."  sure, i thought about the fact that it seemed too good to be true but it also seemed too good to be true that adali would be set free from the nicu with absolutely no side effects of prematurity…so, i would be lying if i thought maybe i got lucky again and wouldn't have to experience tantrums or little girl drama.

let's just say i have since had a big fat piece of humble pie.  

consider this little girls panties officially in a bunch.

  Crying game-3 

the first day the drama started it was like a switch had been flipped.  i am not lying when i say that by the end of that day i had to do a once over checking adali for her special little birth marks only her mama would recognize just to make sure she was really the one i birthed and that someone hadn't switched her for a devil child as she napped.  she was nasty.  

  Crying collage 

by the end of that day i was exhausted but felt better knowing the day was behind us and that tomorrow i would have my chipper child back.  bah!  wrongo.

  Crying game 

  Crying game-4 

now, i just take it in stride, giggle at her and go to my happy place.  if she is ignored long enough (in some cases she needs 30+ minutes), she will snap out of it.  then it's back to sidewalk chalk and ring around the rosie as if nothing happened.

  Crying game-5 

the good news is that we haven't experienced the drastic attention withdrawal that is common after visiting family.  little missy has been especially chipper and easy going the last few days…but i may not put her food correctly on her plate for dinner tonight and the drama queen will reemerge.  such is the life of a 2 year old i guess.

much love,

mama a




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  1. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:


    So sorry to read your post after she looked the absolute picture of happiness from your mother’s day post! Just know that being particular about certain foods (ie her dinner plate) will likely continue or at least make appearances occasionally. I feel your pain! I hope things return to their “normal” state soon!


  2. Sandy says:

    She still looks cute even in the crying pictures!!! This will pass….or at least become more bearable…..eventually :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    We are in the same stage right now. You never now what you’re going to get from day to day or should I say minute to minute. Addison can go from being my sweet little girl to her evil twin in a second flat. I keep trying to remember that she is still my sweet little girl even under all that nastiness. Sometimes I have to wait until she is asleep to see it.:)

  4. Sara says:

    Jamie — sorry to hear that she finally made it to this stage… like Sandy said…it may not pass quick enough for you – but you will learn to deal with it (wine, beer, captain and coke…etc) as the time goes on! :-) HA!

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