wednesday, may 5

i feel like so much has happened since i last had an opportunity to really sit down and blog.  adali speaks french now, can cook a spectacular 5 course meal and has taken the car for a spin around the block a time or 2.  i kid, i kid.

i guess the biggest thing that has happened is that jastin and i won't be homeless come june when we move to st. louis.  we are excited about the impending move…like literally i'm counting down the days (6 weeks and 5 days until we close).  i can remember the morning in the shower when i counted how many weeks i had left in GA…52 at the time.  it's crazy for me to think that in just a few short weeks our family will be back home.  holy cow, it's really happening.  

because we found a place, adali and i stayed in illinois to be present for the inspection that will take place tomorrow.  then, it's back to GA on saturday for a few short weeks.  i will be coming back early to wait out the birth of baby thunder…another very exciting thing i am so looking forward to.  

so, what have we been up to this week?

afternoon tea parties.

  May fun-8

  May fun-7 

breakfast out on the back deck with lexi in our jammies.  seriously, i wish i would have gotten this moment on film.  adali was telling lexi how pretty she looked with her jewelry on (her dog tags) and how pretty her painted nails were.  

  May collage2
 (check out that bed head)

really healthy lunches like potato chips and french onion dip.

  May fun-5 

  May fun-6
(she may have double-dipped…i'm just sayin)

and sprinkles and water balloons with the neighbor girls.

  May fun-15 

  May fun-12 

  May collage 

  May fun-18

  May fun-10 

  May collage3 

i think i might have a hard time getting adali and lexi to leave nana and papa's.  they both have certainly been living the life the last couple of weeks.

much love,

mama a 

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  1. Jayme says:

    Great pictures! My favorite is the face in the sprinkler shot :)

  2. cute little baby!..nice photo.

  3. Sandy says:

    Sounds like a pretty fine May to me! It’s exciting that you are able to have a countdown to St Louis already. I’m very happy for you!

  4. Erin says:

    I can’t wait to hear all about it–so glad you get to go back home :-) Could Adali’s eyes be any more beautiful? Wow. Look out boys, she’s going to be a heartbreaker!

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