thursday, may 27

…sort of.  

i promised adali that this week we would pretend we were on vacation.  we would put everything else aside and just have fun. truthfully, i wanted nothing more than to just curl up in bed and sleep this head cold away but a promise is a promise.

so, when adali said "mama go to pool," we went to the pool.  

  Pool collage 

and of course the first day we went adali needed to look in the catch filters of the pool and one of them had a dead frog in it so every day since then she will come to me and say, "mama, go to the pool.  see the dead frog."  nice.  

  Pool collage2 


we've been every day now and will hopefully be able to go tomorrow…


           Pool collage3 


  Pool collage4 






we're gonna miss you marley finn! 


yes, i had still have a lot to get done as this is our last week here and we are planning a fun little getaway this weekend to atlanta before adali and i fly to the midwest for good on monday, but sometimes you just need to say screw it and enjoy the moment.  it was worth it…i think adali would say the same.


mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    Looks like a wonderful vacation week!! Have a great mini vaca this weekend!!! Then WELCOME HOME to the good ole Midwest!!!


    (PS – thanks for showing concern about my foot – good to see SOMEBODY out there cares!) :-)

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