tuesday, may 4

so, friday evening jastin and i headed south with my parents to louisville for the 2010 kentucky derby.  if you have followed this blog for very long you know it might be a bit of an understatement to say i have a fondness for horse racing.  so, it should come as no surprise that i was more than excited to experience the greatest 2 minutes in sports.  i didn't care that the forecast called for buckets of rain to be dropped over the twin spires, i was going to get all dolled up, drink a mint julip (i learned that i don't like mint julips) and watch the 20 best thoroughbreds of the past year race for the roses…and a lot of money.  it was everything i expected it to be and so much more.  i mean seriously, aside from the actual sport, how could you not want to experience what could possibly be the strangest sporting environment.  where else will you find celebrities dressed to the nines tucked away up in the posh sanctuary of milionaires row at the same time you will find underage college kids who run barefoot through the infield shotgunning beers and making a slip and slide out of a tarp and 3 inches of mud.  if you like people watching it doesn't get any better than this (except for maybe a nascar race).

since the weatherman was actually right and the heavens did periodically dump buckets of water over the track, we were fortunate enough to have an indoor table that overlooked the paddock.  i wish i could say that this helped me pick the right horses to bet on.  it didn't.  

but all was not lost, we had a blast and i managed to get some fun pictures from our weekend.  

we passed this group of guys on our journey down.  my guess is, they weren't going to millionaires row…


(do you see the busty blonde in the background that joined them?)

this picture personifies louisville to me.  beautiful fenced lined stables and rolling green pastures filled with horses.  if you haven't driven through louisville, you need to make it happen…it is some of the most stunning countryside ever.


from dinner the night before (this experience has enough blog worthy material for it's own post but i will spare you)…


churchill downs.


if there were 2 photos that summed up the day it would be these.  it's a good things rain boots are so fashionable right now.

  Ponies collage4

this was our view from the room.  it was fun to watch the jockeys mount up before each race….and people watch of course.



    Ponies us

the famous (and gross) mint julip.

  Ponies collage1 

trying to pick the winners…it worked twice.


it's all about the hats… 


the band that plays my old kentucky home..this is the point you get chills…or if you are in the infield and can't see anything, it's the part you pass out.


the famous trumpet player.


i am not sure who they think might steal the blanket of roses but i guess it looks cool to have someone in uniform guarding it.


this is what the odds were on each horse at post time.


this is the lone filly, devil may care, during the post parade.  she held her own against the boys.



and they're off.  

this was as they came down the main straight away out of the gates.  the adrenaline rush you get at this point is unlike anything else.  between the energy of the crowd and the speed of the horses roaring by, you can feel your heart speed up. 



horse #20, sidney's candy was my big bet to win.  he flew out of the gate from the worst post position and was flying for the first half of the race.


can you say sloppy?


around the first turn.


this is one of my favorite shots of the day.  this little boy was so cute and was intently watching the horses come around the last turn on to the final straightaway.


and down the stretch they come!

you can tell by the amount of mud on the horses as they came toward the finish which ones were in the back.


the winner of the 2010 kentucky derby, calvin borel and super saver as they cross the finish line.  the #2 horse, ice box came flying down the final stretch from the back…like really flying…i'm no expert but i may have to place a little wager on him for the belmont…just sayin. 



i love this shot.  she was actually sitting next to us and i noticed her delicately trying to walk across the muddy track after the race on her way to the winners circle.  her husband remarked after the race as he flaunted a stack of 100 dollar bills that he comes every year, bets on calvin borel (the jockey) and goes home rich.  remember that next year folks.  



    Ponies collage2

the winners circle.


cashing in…we finally won!  as jastin was cashing in his ticket the cashier next to him said she had a "big one" and needed $22,000.  uhhh, why couldn't that have been me.  

  Ponnies collage3 


jastin and i had the time of our lives and can't wait to go back someday.  we have both been fortunate enough to experience some pretty cool sporting events but this was something special for me.  thank you nana and papa for a fabulous day.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    Looks like an awesome, although soggy, day!!

    Great pictures!!

  2. Snady says:

    I’ve anxiously been awaiting this post!!! I’m glad to see it on here today!!! Love the dress – Love the hat! My brother lives in Louisville so he goes every year. I was looking in the crowd picture to try to spot him and his wife…no such luck :) Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  3. Sandy says:

    First of all….haha totally didn’t see my name spelled as Snady…opps….But anywho….Forgot to say I love love love driving through Louisville looking at the white fences and horses running all over……….Love it!

  4. Erin says:

    I’m so excited for you! I had a suspicion you might have been going and tried to get my friend Ali (a MR regular) to get you into the Barnstable Brown party, but it didn’t work out {apparently not the type of event you can just “bring” people to :-) Oh well, doesn’t hurt to ask} You looked gorgeous as usual! What a Spring you’re having!

  5. Jennifer says:

    How cool is that??? I went to Churchill Downs a few years ago, just a couple of weeks after the Derby. It was 2006, the year Barbaro won. We took the tour, the lady who gave the tour came running out to us right before we were about to leave. She gave my boys a horseshoe. But this wasn’t just any horseshoe, it was a shoe that though was from another horse, was shoed by the same person who shoed Barbaro. My boys still have it :)

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