Hair collage

wednesday, june 23 i had been discussing with jastin for months that i thought it was time for adali to get a hair cut.  this was met with immediate resistance.  he liked the crazy look that her unruly hair gave her.  i, on the other hand, was really sick of the piece in back commonly [ Continue Reading ... ]

Fathers collage

sunday, june 20 happy day to 3 of the most incredible men we know. love, your girls.      


saturday, june 19       … how many of you wish  you could rewind time to the point your babies were this little for just one day? …  


thursday, june17 adali has appropriately been termed "wild child" by my father (her papa).  she is insane from the moment you let her out of her cage crib until the time you announce it to be bedtime again.  oh, and have i mentioned she's bossy?!  she orders her nana (she knows better than to do [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, june 16 how many times in your life have you questioned your doctor's motives?  cursed when you had to wait 45 minutes in the waiting room before you were even placed in the exam room only to wait another 15 minutes until you actually heard the words "how are you today?"  how many of [ Continue Reading ... ]

Effingham collage2

friday, june 11 so, i've fallen a bit short in the whole blogging category of life lately and because i feel i've neglected this page i figured it deserved a full fledged post instead of just photo friday.  we've mostly been busy loving on baby connor.  it's easy to love on him with his perfect [ Continue Reading ... ]