friday, june 11

so, i've fallen a bit short in the whole blogging category of life lately and because i feel i've neglected this page i figured it deserved a full fledged post instead of just photo friday.  we've mostly been busy loving on baby connor.  it's easy to love on him with his perfect little baby face and since we won't get to see him as much in a few weeks i felt like he needed our full attention.  rational logic don't you think?

trust me when i say that adali hasn't been neglected in the attention department either.  she's been busy with water balloons on muggy midwest days…

  Effingham collage2 



  Effingham collage1 



…and being pampered with mani's and pedi's.  the girl gets all giddy inside just at the mention of getting her nails painted the perfect shade of pink to match her outfit…on this particular day it was the watermelons on her dress…

  Effingham collage3 


…we've even managed to create our very own farm on those "what in the world can we do to entertain this child" rainy days…


oh, and adali is such a kind little girl who is all about sharing…ahem…that she decided to give nearly all of her stickers to baby connor.


you can see how impressed he was with her loving gesture.  

and because adali wants to be just like everyone around her, she thought she needed to drink her milk out of an enormous hospital jug just like aunt lindsey.  and i have to say, i'm not completely against it.  the girl drank around8 ounces of milk in about 60 seconds.  she'll never get dehydrated this way i suppose.

  Effingham collage4

she has also gotten to enjoy lots of bike rides, park time, ice cream, tractor rides and just about anything else you can throw in to a summer day.  like i said, she certainly isn't craving any attention being at nana and papas.

oh, and thank you all so much for your comments and emails regarding your washers/dryers.  it has all been incredibly helpful.  we have been researching feverishly and will be making our final decision next weekend.  i will let you know if the one we choose treats us well or spits soap back at us and hops across the laundry room floor. 

and i need to send a special hello to our southern friends jan and chuck.  we miss you guys so much already and every tall man with gray hair that adali sees she says, "hey…there's chuck."  believe me when i say that she will never forget you guys…and neither will we.  

much love,

mama a  

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