tuesday, june 1

may is my favorite month of the entire year.  it's like every day offers a new little delight to treasure for 24 straight hours.  for me, there is no other month that you go to bed each night satisfied and yet excited for what the next day holds.  call me weird but i was a little sad to wake up and see june on the calendar this morning.  but then…ohhh….then i remembered that there are so many things to look forward to in june…like tomorrow my little sis is having her baby.  pure joy.  i am beyond excited for her.  oh, and like the fact that in 20 days we can once again make our home in st. louis.  

hello june.  i just want you to know that you have a lot to live up.  may was awesome, i expect you to be the same….no pressure.  

now, back to may for a second.  as i mentioned yesterday, last weekend we packed up for a little getaway  weekend to atlanta.  i heart getaways.  especially ones with little to no expectations.  quite frankly expectations suck so i try hard not to have many of them…life is better that way.

we booked our hotel last minute, had no set itinerary and had only one rule…have fun.  we succeeded.

adali was a little trooper as we had decided to hit up a few stores in search of a little decorating inspiration for the new house.


followed by lunch at a fun place we stumbled upon during a walk through midtown where adali drank the most tart lemonade and ate nearly all of my blue cheese.  the patrons around us certainly got a kick out of her taste in food.


  Atlanta collage2 


  Atlanta collage3 

and then it was back to the hotel for a nap and of course some silly fun time with the hotel phone.

  Atlanta collage4 


and then it was on to the next adventure…a braves game.  rain had been looming all day and it actually started raining on our way to the ballpark…but remember, no expectations…  i checked the weather on my phone saw that rain was all around us and probably going to make an appearance at some point during the game but we decided to go for it anyway.  




 we had a blast and got to see a great game!  with nearly an entire section to ourselves, adali had plenty of room to be wild. 



and she managed to eat every must have ballpark item, including a hot dog….


half a bag of peanuts….


and the all-important dippin dots…


she also thought she needed to be closer…


which caused us to get in trouble.  oops.

and after 8 innings of great baseball, the skies finally opened up and the rain fell.


after hanging out long enough for the pelting wetness to die down, we headed out.  we got back to the hotel right as the final out was made and the braves were announced the winners.  so. much. fun. 


adali was a trooper being up much later than her normal bed time.  she slept in on sunday morning which was just as heavenly for us.  after a late breakfast we headed to the zoo for one final atlanta hoorah.  again it looked like rain but we figured we might as well see as much as we could since we had promised adali zebras, monkeys and giraffes earlier that morning.  

  Atlanta collage5 









we ended the day with adali picking out a book to remember our little getaway.  she picked one appropriately titled "for just one day."


quite simply, i love getaways and atlanta did not disappoint.  i am already plotting our next.  

now i'm off to sweet dreams…i need to get my rest.  it's going to be a big day tomorrow…right linds?

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    Looks like a great weeekend!! Can’t wait to see the announcement of Thunder Storm!!

  2. Sandy Flach says:

    Looks like you ended your stay in GA just right! Don’t leave us hanging…..how did you get in trouble at the Braves game?!?!?! Also, can’t wait for Baby Storm pics!!

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