wednesday, june 16

how many times in your life have you questioned your doctor's motives?  cursed when you had to wait 45 minutes in the waiting room before you were even placed in the exam room only to wait another 15 minutes until you actually heard the words "how are you today?"  how many of you think that doctor's are arrogant and never think twice about you once you leave their office?  

it's ok to raise your hand.  i am raising my hand too.  but, 5 years ago i was fortunate enough to see things from the other side of the curtain persay.  i have had a behind the scenes vantage point into what it takes to have 2 simple yet extremely powerful letters behind your name.  because of jastin, i have grown to learn that every single person that carries md as a title does it simply because they want to help others.  they are willing to leave their own families for 6 hours on a sunday afternoon to fix your broken jaw (well, not your broken jaw but you get the point) only to find out that you took a rusty screwdriver and undid hours of hard work just so you could smoke easier…and they still fix you up as good as new and send you on your way.  on most days they leave before the sun comes up and get home after it sets.  they rarely know what the date is but can recite every case and often times patient they have that week.  they may seem hard and cold about death but they struggle through difficult times in losing patients they worked so diligently to help fight off the evil that is cancer.  they travel to places all around the world to care for people that would otherwise not have access to help.  they take the time to call and check on patients in the middle of the night, on holiday's and during dinners out with their family.  they will drop everything if you need them.  they took an oath to help you and that is exactly what they want to do.  

so now when i want to scream after having sat in the waiting room at a doctor's office for what feels like forever, i realize that my doctor isn't sitting back in his office counting his money.  instead of screaming, i simply say a little prayer for him.  he could very well be in the next room explaining some unfortunate test results to a patient or down the hall telling someones loved ones that they tried everything they could but there isn't anything else they can do.

physicians have a tough job dealing with all of us crazy people so next time you feel like cursing yours as well, you can also shake their hand and tell them thank you for what they do.  they may be having a tough day and could use the extra smile.  if anything, their wives (or husbands) will appreciate it.   


(jastin and the cutest little boy i have ever seen during a trip to honduras)

in a few days jastin will shed yet another title in this long journey.  he will no longer be a medical student/intern/resident/fellow.  he will be a board certified (yep he just found out he passed his boards) attending…and i am so very proud of him.  i have only been around for the last 5 years of his journey to get to this point and there are so many people that played a part in helping him get here but i must say that i feel very fortunate that i was a part of it.  i get all "that's my husband" when i hear someone talking about how good he is at what he does or how great he is with patients.  it seems to validate all of the sacrifices he had to make to get to this point…and to think that all of those sacrifices were to help other people….pretty cool!  

i am so proud of you j (and i miss you)!  i know you are going to be crazy successful not to mention touch a lot of people's lives!  

much love,

mama a

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  1. sara t says:

    awesome post Jamie!!
    Thanks to Jastin and all the other dr’s out there!
    Rusty screwdriver part made me cringe – wth?!? I bet they hear all kinds of stories… wow!

  2. michelle says:

    awwww…congratulations you guys!

    and congrats jastin on passing the boards. was there ever any doubt!? (that was rhetorical).

    welcome home you guys! STL’s happy to have you back.


  3. Sandy says:

    Congrats, Jastin and Jamie!

  4. Daddy A says:

    Thank you honey. Miss you too.


  5. melissa says:

    Congratulations to Jastin – happy for all of you! I know as his wife you make sacrifices, many that go unknown – this post is as unselfish a post as I have ever read.

  6. Jennifer says:

    This is an awesome post. I spent many years living the life of someone who lives with a doctor. As I was growing up, many people would ask if I was going to be a Dr. when I grew up. My answer was always a resounding NO. I never wanted my life to be as hectic and stressful as my parents. Looking back now, I wish that I was as compassionate and caring as they were. I wish that I was the kind of person that would give of myself just to help another. But, I am not. so, I will continue to be as understanding as a person can be when your plans get changed at the last minute. I wish that everyone else could also see this side of them. Congratulations to your husband and to you also. You deserve this as much as him! :)

  7. great post :)

    and congrats, jastin!

  8. Janet F. Kirkey says:

    Chuck and I as well as Ray and Kim saw Jastin off this morning…SADLY, I might add! Sure will miss you folks! Poor Kim was very upset that we didn’t get to do the dinner at the clubhouse for you all before you left, but I explained to her that your plans were altered when you and Adali had to go home for the birth of your nephew. By the way, he’s a little doll! You were wonderful neighbors and all of us will miss little Adali!! She has such an adorable personality and the sweetest little smile. She’s going to knock the boys off their feet in a few years!!! We wish you both the very best of luck and happiness in the future as you certainly deserve it. By the way, we were discussing you three at our monthly “Lunch Bunch” the other day, and you were described as the “really sweet couple with the precious little girl” by several of the ladies that apparently had run into you while out walking, etc. Jamie, thank you so much for your website address. I am thoroughly enjoying following the Antisdel happenings and will for a long time to come! Sorry for the long comment, but I forgot to write down your address and/or email address before Jastin left. God Bless all of you! Say “hi” to your mom! And…give Adali a great big bear hug for me! Oh, thanks for the sweet comment about us in your journel.

  9. Janet F. Kirkey says:

    Jamie, it’s me again! I just wanted to congratulate Jastin on passing his boards! I know you are so proud of him! You two are truly a very special couple!

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